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Can you guilt trip people ?

In my opinion guilt tripping requires an active thought process to carry out the act. I am not to sure how that would be accomplished, also go against rule 1. Treat others how you want to be treated. Then again I am a human and there is the possibility for my brain to accidentally make a subconscious decision thinking I am say one thing when I am really saying something different without knowing the action is guilt tripping someone. I can only hope the people around me would tell me if I had done such a thing.

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Men are constantly being exposed to female pornography...on INSTAGRAM... on BIGO...on the the grocery store.I am upset that nobody cares.

I would like to start off by say that what ever dark hole you think you are in, you are not alone! I CARE!!!!!!! While we might be few in numbers, we are strong and relentless in our desire to not every inch of skin on the female body. There is no way for me express in this post how much I agree with you, but as gentlemen I think it is disturbing that every time I turn around some model or celebrity has come up with a new fashion style that shows way too much or is sexually suggestive. Why is it that being sexually suggestive has become something that some women feel is their "right" while at the same time saying that it is rude for men to stare at them. You can't expect to only wear (3) 1" square pieces of cloth with some strings and not be stared at. While men need to have respect and not stare at women's body's. Women also need to know that there are some men in todays age that have absolutely no control when they see someone who is wearing something that should only be in the bedroom and even that is a stretch. Modesty has lost its meaning!!!!!!!!!!!! What happened to clothing that was reasonable with no intent to showcase the female body as an object. So know that you are not alone and I care!!!!!!!!!!!

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Are evil people born or created?

Tough to say. There are some people who are born with mental conditions which cause them to do evil things. At the same time there are plenty of people who because of their environment do evil things. So nature or nurture? I think it is about both of them and given the chance with the right people to help the person most of the time the person will turn out alright. There are some people who no matter what they receive are not able to control what they do. Jeffrey Dahmer vs Dave Pelzer two people that demonstrate the point I was explaining.

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Y don’tI do like u u like me I do like u

Kind of hard to truly like someone if they always ask questions anonymously. If you don’t feel comfortable revealing yourself on here most people are on enough social media that you should be able to find them. Take me for example I do have a few different accounts as Tyler Polasek and the thinker. In addition to that google will give you way more that what I think they should be able to have out there but I guess that’s what I get for being on a jury. So ask away when the person knows your name.

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