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That's cool ask her out?

i would but idk if she would say yes lyes i am kinda nervous about it i can think about it in my mind but then when i go to say it it dont come out
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What would you do if I said ILOVEYOU Joe?

i would say i am very sry for giveing u up and loseing u bc thats the last thing ever wanted i feel like shit i miss u so much how i could mke u sml gave me a reason to go on i am so sry i lost i love u but u moved on so i will jus keep to my self :(

Noooo More paragraphs

fine how should i show my love for u come there with a pinguin and roses dont say and thing and just kiss u

AWWWE!!! Your soo cute <3

hehe not as cute as u i can send u a paragraph on how i feel and u just know how much i luv u <3

Find away :)

ok i am so in love with u i go out of my way to make u happy i am coming to stay with u and i would love to marry u and i cant wait till your in my arms

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