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Would you get a woman/man’s name tattooed on your body

lol no. when my exs did this for me we ended breaking up. that curse is real !!!

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Describe the type of spouse you want in your life. State some of qualities.

i want someone responsible, respectful, & ambitious. def not a party type. oh && def corny/romantic, boys that r obsessed w me r my only type.

So you raise your son by yourself? You don't have parents helping? Or another guy?

i get no help at all physically or financially. however, if i ever want to go hang out with my friends, i know my mom/dad are always available to look after/take my son out.

Go your favorite picture ❤️❤️❤️?

currently this one because i’m a little sad but this helps :)
Go your favorite picture

Huh? What do you mean you honestly couldn't tell anything about your son's father? What do you mean?

idk i mean, we do still keep in touch. i guess our relationship is neutral?

Whoah, what? That sounds really dramatic? Why do you want to move to those places?

ive been wanting to move to Montana for a while now and i think i’m finally in a good place to do so

Do you still keep in touch with his father? Do you have a good relationship with him?

i honestly couldn’t tell u anything about him

Do you still live with your parents? Do they help you out?

no i moved back in with them for about a year but i recently moved again to Athens.

Hmm, first of all, what would you prefer people call you? Tecia? Is that short for Lateshia or something?

lol! i actually haven’t been called tecia since high school. my name is leticia

Who takes care of your son while you're in school?

he stays with me always, work from home & learn from home.


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