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My mom thinks I'm anorexic bc she says I'm "weak" and "too skinny" but for me I just eat until I'm full and I don't think I'm anorexic, just fit. I exercise daily for the most part and eat till I'm full. I do get allergies and my mom blames them on my eating patterns. how do I show my mom I'm ok?

I think as long as you feel strong, energetic, happy and healthy, your mum will eventually see it. Found out your BMI on a simple online calculator and show that you're in the healthy range! Anorexia is an eating disorder - you don't call someone anorexic for being slim! Good luck :)

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I don't know what to do, my crush who also has some feelings for me told me not to get too attached to her because she doesn't know what's gonna happen yet, but still she wants me to tell her how I feel about her and give her tighter hugs, I honestly don't know what to do at this point, please help

This is sweet. As I always tell my askers, relationships begin with communication.
Don't be afraid to go up and talk to her. Start with small talk. Maybe ask to hang with you during the weekend.
Refrain from asking her out while you don't know her too well - you want to be extremely comfortable before you even ask her to be yours. Use this time to get to know her, make memories and jokes together and what not :-)
I'm sure she'd appreciate the courage and effort you're taking by talking to her. Time is something you will never get back, so go for it!

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Almost every day. For the past week or so now we really haven't made eye contact, which is usually in the hallways, and I am feeling very confused about it. I wanted to ask her out soon in the sweetest way possible but I wanted another opinion on wether she likes me or not.

There is this girl I really like and for a year or so I would always catch her glancing and string at me and was pretty sure she liked me but I never asked her out. I talked to her a lot and now we don't have any classes together so we don't really talk but I still would see her staring at me (Part1

thank you x I'll let u know how it goes

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Thank you :)

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(2) he always sneakily looks at me and when ever he cracks a joke he looks at me for my reaction. We've talked quite a few times but I guess were both really shy in admitting out feelings for each other. This is the first guy that I seriously want to be with. Any help?

Well, well! I'm always happy to help, as long as you KNOW that you're not being lured into the trap of falling for the idea of him rather than him, himself.
Communication is the first step. Easier said than done, of course, but what do you expect to happen without talking? I know you already have, which is good, but don't be afraid to offer a simple but effective gesture like asking him to grab a coffee with you or something. Now you can sit over coffee and talk to him, without it looking so desperate. Sure, it's cliché, but who said it doesn't work?
Also, try to avoid admitting feelings until you can pass that barrier of being shy. BE COMFORTABLE. Until you can be yourself, that's when you know things are sailing smoothly. So use this opportunity and time to get to know him, hang out with him more, before any of this happens.
This is my advice. Successful relationships = good communication.
Good luck! x

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(1) Hello there, I just started college about 4 months ago and I met this guy. He's in nearly all my lesson and I guess I have feelings for him. I never felt like this about anyone, its just when he looks at me I feel as though I cant breathe. I get the feeling he likes me because when ever were ..

Can you give me some advice?:)

Hi dear, I would be more than happy to help!

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Hi. I have this deep hatred for myself that I really want to move past. I have been trying to think positively but it only works for half of the day. I'm always envying others and wishing the world just swallowed me whole. How do I learn to accept myself?

Self-acceptance starts off when you know your intentions. Set yourself small goals that you can work yourself towards to e.g. love this aspect of me, be positive for at least a day etc. When you reach your goals, celebrate them! You are doing something with your life - you should be more than proud. Keep everyone else out of the picture when you're focusing on yourself. Please don't compare yourself to others - you are a beautiful piece of artwork, a miracle, and someone who cannot be replaced.
As cliché as it may sound, surround yourself with people who make you feel good. Establish a newer, healthier lifestyle. In that case, it can help you visualise your old past being left behind with the "old you".
I'm so proud of you for learning to accept yourself. This may be the hardest part, but I promise you, things really do get better. I love you.
And remember, your past does NOT define you.

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Apparently masturbating stunts your growth?

That's an illusory correlation. There is no link between masturbation and stunted growth.

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Me and my girlfriend had faux sex. Her LEGS were CLOSED SHUT and there was NO Penetration. I came outside of her but there was some on her vaginal lip then she wiped it as soon as possible with a cloth. Is pregnancy even possible? PS. Sorry for my english I'm just so worried and paranoid

The chances are quite low, but it is possible as semen can travel inside the vagina via moisture from the lips. Its important that there is a form of contraception next time (birth control pills, or plan B)
I also apologise for a late response. I hope everything is going well!

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My best friend and I ridicule each other as a display of affection

Well, if both of you know that, there's nothing wrong with that.

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Heiii, could you please give me a shout out hence I'm helping around too<3


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I'm really confused, I really like this girl in my class, and I think she likes me too. But I'm starting to see her with this other guy who has none of the qualities I have, and barely even gives her the attention I give her. Is he her Boyfriend?And she continues to flirt and give me the lovey eyes?

First of all, try not to compare yourself to other guys. Second of all, the only information I know is what you've given me, so I can't assume the girl you like is dating someone else. My best advice is to just ask her or one of her friends. She could just be confused at what you want (hence giving off mixed signals) or maybe that's her personality. Try and talk to her more!

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i think a condom is stuck inside me?

Check immediately! Reach up and feel for it/ get your boyfriend to feel for it. If you're still convinced even if you can't find it, just go to a walk in clinic. This happens a lot so it's nothing to be ashamed about.

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Does lifting stunt your growth?

We all have something called growth plates. They're the last bones of the body to harden, so if you exercise strenuously/excessively and damage them, yes, you can stunt your growth.

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I know a girl I like and we talk a little bit on Kik, but she is in a relationship now. It didn't last for too long before, so I hope it'll end soon so I can get a chance. However, one of my friends is also competing for her. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. What should I do?

Consider this: do you like her because you feel like she is that right person for you or is it simply because you feel that she is capable of fulfilling any physical needs you have? Sometimes its hard to tell, but once you know what you really want, you can base your decisions from there.
If you really like her and feel quite emotionally invested, give her your support while she's in her relationship (not necessarily encourage) but give her the impression that you can always offer her the best by the time she's single. Also as soon as she's single, don't try to step right into the picture and usher her way into being in a relationship with you, especially if she's not 100% up for it. Patience is key, and let everything else follow through.
As for your friend, you need to try and weigh out your priorities. Who is more important? Of course in the end you should be doing what makes YOU happy, but if getting the girl would make your friend upset, how would that affect you? Just think about it. It's good to just have a one on one talk with him anyway and be honest about your feelings.
Hope I helped x

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What does it mean when I keep catching my ex looking at me?

This is such a vague question since it could mean lots of things. It really depends how he/she looks at you. And how often. Maybe they miss you and looking at you brings back some thoughts and memories!

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Ok so I've known this guys since literally birth and I think he likes me. Because he offers me his sweatshirt and acts kinda flirty and stares at my ass when I'm in my cheer uniform :P and i think I like him I'm not even sure what should I do

Not sure if you're the same person I already answered in the last question, but anyways!
Just like I answered previously, it's very possible. But please remember, don't mix lust and love/true romance. Sometimes a guy's intentions aren't genuine and he's merely interested in your body, not you as a person. I obviously don't know the guy, so I don't know what his intentions are! He may like you, so give it some thought.
When you are sure, go ahead and be bold. Be honest and tell him that you like him! :)

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I've known this boy for my whole life and he just recently joined my school. At homecoming (I was wearing my cheer uniform) he offered me his jacket. People say that he likes me and he flirts with me lightly in class sometimes. We text everyday. I don't know if he likes me and I like him back!!!

It's possible, my dear! He sure is giving signs that he is interested but maybe he is still waiting to know how you feel for him. Think about it. If he is on your mind everyday and he makes you happy, it's possible that you may have feelings for him. But you don't need to overthink it. True romance should be natural. Nothing should be forced. When you know, don't be afraid to tell him! Be casual about it. I'm sure he'd really appreciate it, it's a brave move.

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So this guy he is my best friend and he is dating this girl and she is really popular and he doesn't like her anymore but she likes him and he wants to date me but I am good friends with him and her

It's a difficult position. You never mentioned if you liked him more than a friend? My best advice is that you wait for nature to take it's course and the two break up on their own. You don't want to be a home wrecker and be in conflict with your girl friend. When you know your friend has moved on, you can eventually move into the picture and date your guy friend (only if you want to, of course.)

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if you or your followers need any advice feel free to ask me (: I give great advice and will help anyone

^^^ <3

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i need advice about something , i don't know how to tell my mom how sad and depressed i feel iv thought about taking the shotgun and ending it all she thinks everything is fine i was the mvp of my baseball and hockey leagues she bought me a new escalade things seem great but inside im dieing

I was in your position a year ago.
I was feeling very depressed for around 8 months until I no longer had the will to get out of bed or take care of myself. Several events were happening at the time, and although my life seemed great sometimes, I never felt that way.
You don't realise how important it is to speak up and tell someone you trust. Someone you know who will care. It's not a bad idea to go up to your mother and say that you need to tell her something, and that you need her to take you seriously. When both of you have the time, sit down with her somewhere (your bedroom, perhaps) and explain the way you've been feeling. Stay calm. Demand for help.
Hopefully, she'll understand. And I hope you feel better. Best of luck <3

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my doctor diagnosed me with cjd its a brain disease tht gets worse and worse start 2 forget everything lose the ability 2 do basic things ending up bed ridden and end up in a coma told me i got 3-6 months 2 live b4 it kills me idk how i accept the i have a year maybe at the most 2 live im only 16

I'm very sorry to hear that, I truly am. I'm trying to put myself in your position and imagine how I would accept my life. I want to say that you are a very brave person for someone your age.
My best advice is to try and make the most of what you have left. Be fearless, stop beating yourself up for your disease (it's only a waste of time), tell everyone how much you love them and do what YOU love.
I know it's hard, and denial is a common process in situations like these. You need to know that this is out of your control and nothing is your fault. It is important you talk to people out there (friends, family etc.) and get their support as well. Feeling lonely will only make matters worse.
But most of all, have hope. Miracles can happen, my dear. You are already one!
I wish you all the best, and I will have you in my thoughts and prayers. Please don't fear anything. I love you <3

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