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so why were you banned this time? :^)

Since I keep getting asked this I'll explain. Truth is, I wasn't ever unbanned, I just used the name change since it had been a year since the original Tenyo account was banned. Why was I banned in the first place? Multi-accounting. I kept making new accounts because my old accounts would always be banned.
Though, that's not just it, I was apart of a bigger picture - the only reason I was able to multi-account so 'efficiently' (I was under the alises Guru (he still has his account, his account got hacked and I ended up using that one.), CTB Player (ex-#1 UK), Fallacy (EX-#1 New Zealand), and other USA ones, was because I was apart of the aquila network. Whatever rumors going around about me being some evil hacker are untrue - I handled financials for aquila, processing payments, monitoring membership lengths, and general help anyone needed. My original Tenyo account was banned for testing a program called Deja Vu, I won't go into details in what it does but it ended up getting me banned because there was a string that essentially flagged your account for illicit activity. That's why I got banned.
It amazes me people think I hack CTB, we actually had a CTB hack in development, but it never worked. We tried replay stealing, it didn't work. (this was in mid-2013, perhaps earlier) and the project was soon abandoned, and still is. The only true hacker of CTB I know of would be Last Remnant, and Remilia/Congodesu (who was supposedly Doblea too, but I doubt that.). David (Last Remnant's is HERE: )
I have an extremely sour rep because of my past with aquila, ( I'm no longer active there ), and it's caused problems. Only a few people really knew the truth but I'm sure most of it has leaked out by now, and if it hasn't, well here it is. Chances are, I won't ever be unbanned. It doesn't matter anyways, the CTB community is a big part of why I've had to multi-account so much. Besides the few accounts I jokingly took #1 in the countrys they were in, I usually didn't play for rank, and only played the game for fun and with friends. Me being reporting for multiaccounting just got me banned, and I'd have to make a new one. Oh, and yes, I did appeal; it was denied. I appealed twice, denied. I followed the rules and quit the game for 6 months and checked the status, and ultimately, I was denied. I had given up on any chance of an unban and now I just go from account to account. I don't even have to tell people it's me, it's like it's a meme, any good multi-account is me. Some other multi-accounts get mistaken for me and It's stupid.
Tenyo Appeal:
there was an appeal on CTB Player but I don't remember the email.
If you still think I hack, then you're just spiteful. I started in 2012. The username I signed up under was teiohv. I changed my name to Tenyo in honor of Senyo (now known as Skyrius), because at the time he was #1 CTB player in the USA.

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