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do you cook😩😠 well? ??

I can, but lately I don't lol

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👨👦have you been studying English for a long time? Consider learning any other language besides this one?


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I😙 want new music. Any suggestions? ???

Perfume - Flash

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Go😳😭 photo your figure

It's International Cat Day! Post a funny cat GIF!

Who do you 😌😍😦😴👧like

Do you smoke 😁😝😏😞👧👧👧weed?


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Do you think you eat healthily?

What a strange question... Do I "think" I eat healthy? I know how healthy or unhealthy the foods I eat are. My opinion about that isn't relevant or useful, except maybe as an indicator of whether I'm in touch with reality.

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How do you raise your self-confidence?

I let go of any attachment to the outcome of my actions.

I intend to produce a certain result, of course. But if it turns out differently, I don't make it mean that I'm bad or that I'm a failure. The actions simply were not sufficient to produce the result I intended. Then I can be responsible for my actions without all that feeling bad nonsense!

I call it playing to play as opposed to playing to win, and I find not only raises my self-esteem but also increases my effectiveness and gives me peace of mind!

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To whom are your audio and video recordings open?

I welcome and invite all sentients to enjoy my work!

All you need is internet access and the ability to use a web browser 👍

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Do you know people with whom you want to improve contact, but can't?Why can't you?Who are these people?

The are a couple of people I wish I could clean up the mess I made with from my self-centered behavior in the past. An ex-boss and ex-girlfriend.

I've reached out more than once and acknowledged that my behavior impacted them. I don't know whether the past is complete for them. I may contact them again in the future to create that opportunity.

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What food would you miss most if you couldn't have it anymore?


Chilli peppers. I need them in my life. Garlic is a close second.

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What slang word or phrase do you love to use?


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What are some things that make you really happy?


My cats, God's grace, and seeing others break the chains of addiction.

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What's the longest you've ever gone without sleep?

I've never been able to skip more than one night, even under the influence of stimulants.

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What's your favorite drink?


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What is the root of all evil?

For human beings, it's when we judge any part of this Divine display as bad or wrong.

In the Christian scriptures, humans are separated from their creator when they gain the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and look upon their nakedness with shame and fear. Moment to moment, it is judgement, fear, and control that separate us from Divine Love.

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