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call the power company in the morning change the disconnection day for Fri.That way I can get everything together 2day Thurs phone call CUZ IM TAKIN U on TV. Fri has it disconnected so I can get off this site from you all !! Especially when I'm not welcome here it sure wasn't luv either!USEDH0€ I am

I don’t watch TV 📺

Is being friendly and flirty to women cheating and worth breaking up

Fuck you both, dont talk to me about fucking cheating you stupid junkie slut, you sold yourself while pregnant, what the fuck is wrong with your stupid little brain, why did I ever fucking care about you??

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Does fear control you ?

Not at all, I’d love to meet fear face to face at let it see the smile on my face. After which I would use the curb and my boot to the back of its head to remove the fangs from fear and teach fear its real master.

What it means when a man says “I want you to be mine”

We are going to wrap up the phase, sorry I cannot proceed with the next, two reasons first I am moving and don’t have time, second…we are enemies, well to clarify I don’t know you, and have never had anything against you, but you have targeted me and have an objective to cause me damage. So we have no further business to discuss.

What music artist would you want to make music with?

I don’t want to make music, dumb fuck…I already have said what I want to make…but that wasn’t good enough for you was it? That’s not WHO I AM TO YOU

You ever cry out of no where

Nope I cried from genuine heartbreak, over a piece of shit junkie that never had a fucking clue how to care about a single fucking thing but her self and that black grip around her throat. Me or my daughter DONT MATTER


No such thing…haven’t you figured that the fuck out

do you have to be tall to dunk a basketball?

Don’t know I don’t play with balls, but I’ll blow the head off a duck at 75 yards going 50…

Have you ever taken/been on a medication that opens up your appetite?

No what do I look like some scrony weakling, fuck no

Why every good looking guy becomes police ...

Bring that peewee bitch ass pig around me again and I’ll definitely earn my trip…fuck that piece of shit fake pig, and here so you don’t have to lie about it pig, FUCK OFF!!

stop calling me from a San Diego number on my other phone I'm changing both of my numbers

Good riddance only faggot I know in San Diego is in the same boat as the two fucking faggots I threw over board…dead weight


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