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um no not really, im quite clueless about what i want to do. I think ill get a decent OP though, so i have heaps of options. my parents of course being asian parents want me to do something in the medical field but me..not so much haha what OP did you get?

Oh yes, medical field, haha :)
You're still young, so don't worry if you're not certain of what career path you're heading too. Keep up your hard work and doors will open up for you.

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(cntd) through depression? i mean you have this awesome life. What do you parents do for a living? how come you couldnt use your own money that you saved up to pay for the deposit? i dont mean to sound aggressive or anything, im just trying to figure you out

I show people what I want them to see. I show people my happy side and put on a smile. I don't share my sadness and look like I am a attention seeker, I rather keep it to myself :/
I was still in high school at that time and did not have a job for my deposit.

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