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What do you think of people who watch your every move on social media and talk shit about you on group chat? They never talk to you but always watching and hating

I don’t think there’s anyone watching me tbh 😂 and if there is, hiiiii 🤗 we’re thriving over here 😘

Why is it taking so long for you to respond back to the questions I ask!?!?!


This is not fake I can’t read your mind from long distance if you want to try I will be happy to prove it

Try meeeee. Quick- what’s the name of the person I’m thinking of?

She even copies everything you do smh stalking your page

These Ask robots really like to just start drama, huh?

A guy ghosted me because I wouldn't have sex with him?wtf

Men are disgusting. It probs won’t be the last time it happens either. Just don’t give in if you don’t want to!

There’s a girl I met who seemed very happy to meet me, but after that I’ve been treated badly by her and can’t get ahold of her anymore. What should I do?

Move on! You deserve better.

Should I be completely honest with this guy I kind of like... it's been a year, n I still haven't told him about the pimp I was with before him?

Oh shit lol. I mean, it’s in the past but if it’s getting to you, you’ll feel better after telling him.

Do you control your anxiety? How?

I haven’t had any anxiety in a few months- but when I did, I would just cry tbh lol It goes away quicker 😂

All I know is what I felt for you was real and the way you felt about me was real. We both played a game with a rare special love. Now what? It's your move come home

Send me your location and I’ll come home rn babe 🤧

i hope you heal from the trauma that no one ever apologized for

Wow, thanks anon. I’m totally healed 😌💛


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