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Just curious if anyone else is receiving personal questions that were sent to you days later. It'll tell me my inbox is empty and then the next day I'll have one sent from 13 days ago.

H2o_o2H’s Profile Photo∆ツ∆
Yep in the same boat even when i switch from mobile to computer platforms.

Let’s be real… what is one thing about getting married one day that scares you?

lovedbyxel6’s Profile Photolovedbyxel
Knowing that down the line it is going to be mostly doomed and will often end in a bitter divorce. Then there is the situation like mine where your religion disallows you to divorce so you both stay married to someone your not with which creates its own host of issues.

have you ever punched or slapped somebody?

javacow’s Profile PhotoJavacow
Yes and I am not proud of it either but wasn't gonna get punk'd or let someone try to get over on me either.

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We should be friends

Okay I would like that. The more people I know the better because that is where the learning begins.

Have you noticed that girls that struggle with mental health are often dyeing their hair ? I was one of them, maybe I’m speaking for myself . But it just feels like you are overcoming something.

scorpiooovibeee9’s Profile Photoscorpiooovibeee
Yes and they also cut it. Some do normal haircuts some do not so normal which only is a reflection of how they see themselves. Sad but I've always tried to remain supportive.

What’s your relationship status?

Single with no current options to commit until I get back where I need to be.

Do you believe in becoming friends first before getting into a relationship?

anonomously50503’s Profile PhotoParsheye30
Yes better than going straight into one without having insight you would have with knowing someone for a few years at minimum. People can still hide certain parts of them but rather this than a complete stranger. From personal experience 10 years should have been two instead i dug a hole and got trapped by a succubus.

I’m sad bc I thought I would be good enough…

Why you sad? Remember you are better than good and if someone else thinks otherwise then that is there loss. Do what you need to do for you and when its time the right things will find its own way into your life without force .

Like u baby

Really? Be more Direct spelling like a kid I'm a grown ass man no time for short text. games or cons.

I cheated on my husband with his coworker. Am I bad person?

No you're not a bad person maybe it was a mistake or maybe it was meant to be depends on how you and your husband's relationship is.

I have a question I would like to ask...

What do you want to ask and I should try to give you the best answer possible


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