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hey! we are LTA and we just go around asking people random things. we would like to ask you just a few questions only if that's ok. 1st question: have you seen X-Men: Days of Future Past? :)

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How do u know

Cuz if we were still together we would be fighting and not enjoying eachother like a bf and gf should

And why are u so sure that that's what's best for her. Cause when I saw her today it sure didn't seem like it

It's what she wants

Second times a charm, does she realize her mistake?

Yeah she sent me like a huge text and said sorry and we agreed to be just friends

I feel like u should just talk to her, not get back together just get in a good page

Yeah I did

Maybe you guys breaking up is for the best. If she really want to go and hang out with other guys and she doesn't understand that's not right then she clearly doesn't care about you that much. Everyone knows you shouldn't hang out with other guys when you have a boyfriend. Things will get better(:

Can I ask who u are?

From what I saw u guys seemed happy together and like you loved eachother. Gues I was wrong:/

We were but idk anymore

And maybe she thinks that u getting jealous means that u think she'll cheat on u and makes her think u can't trust her

Idk I tried and tried explaining to her bit she wouldn't listen idk maybe things will turn out for the better


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