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Hey Diamond, a huge fan here. What do you think about Rek Sai atm and why do you think she disappeared of the competitive play?

Daniel Martins

It was mostly tryouts. At the end I came to the conclusion that cinderhulk->tank is always better, unless ur team is totally dumb and they cant do shit on their own so rek'sai needs to damage for them(which happens quite often in soloq, but almost never in teamplay). Warrior isn't so bad if enemy team is full of squishy targest who wants to fight you melee(like yasuo), but you need to watch closely if ur team needs that damage at all, or just a tank to peel for them.
She isn't godtier, like she was before, but definately a tier-1 along with gragas/olaf/eve/nida. Tho godtier only consists elise due to her insanely OP cocoon and ability to build most broken items(Zeke's and Banner).

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Hi Diamond, is it true that Gambit were beating Fnatic during scrims recently? In fact would it be the reason that led Huni to say they didn't want to face Gambit on playoffs?

Nelson Rocha

Before split ended we had a good score against them, then we got a 2 week break. Right after returning to practice we played only one bo5 with them, if I remember correctly, losing 2-3.

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Where the hell is Darien. We want him back !


He is on his Villa in Hawaii, gathering strength to return!

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where do you think you wouldve ended if you played in the gaunlet yourself?


1st or 3d, depending on results against OG. We practiced a lot against other teams from the gauntlet just before they played it, and there was no chellenge beating anyone of them except OG(we couldnt finish our scrims with them due to some electicity problems).

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what do you think about amumu,and why hasnt mumy come through on ranked play?

he is bad in scirmishes and thats soloq is all about right now for a jungler(if you wanna win, ofc). in teamplay he would fit some all-in comps, but they are not popular atm, so he is garbage there aswell.
though I really like that champ and hope he gets a bit(to not make him op) of love in near future.

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If you could remove a character lol....which would dispose ?

Riki Muñoz

I would not remove anyone, even tho some champs I truly dislike. I'd rather nerf some of their spells(kalista ult+jumps, darius Q and some knockups)

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Hi! Can you describe to me how you prepare for relegation matches ? Do you afraid about GMB?

Tomek Zso

Our practice is going good, dispite my worries in the begining. Yet we shrekt all gauntlet teams in teampractice bo5's, except OG(couldn't finish scrims with them due to electricity problems), so if we continue growing I see us having little problems with relegations.
I really like playing with Kris again, both as a player and as a person.

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Who do you think will be strong in patch 5.16? do you have any ideas planned for it?

joe royales

I don't look closely to this patch as we are playing relegations on 5.15 for some reason, but currently I know that skarner is op in jungle and darius is a strong toplaner. Also I'd suggest to try new items for tanky-dps champions, they seems cool.
Full ap/ad comps struggle even more with new patch (thornmail with stacked armor destroys ppl, and all the magic-resist items are stronger). But in balanced comps ad damage became much better against tanks for champs that dont have crit (kalista and every top/midlaner, except yasuo) in comparison to ap dmg, because of omen/fh change along with all the mr items buffs.
New aegis->locket is even stronger and easier to build.

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Hey diamond I love your jungle style and followed you since beginning season 3. I'm having some struggles lately with soloq and it seemed that i dropped 2 divisions in 2 days. My main lanen is jungle and I play alot Nidalee but even though I have a good kda I seem to still lose, what can I do?

Victor ?

If u already have a good kda, try to die even less, especially when it matters the most(death at 50th minute will cost u the game, while death at 1st minute will only give a slight advantage to ur opponents).
Also if u have good stats - you are the one on ur team having advatage and it becomes ur resposibility to snowball it further. You can make it by spotting the least protected turrets of enemies and killing them 1 by 1.
Another thing u can improve is that when u see ur teammates argue about something - tell them politely to stfu, otherwise they might tilt or afk at some point, which will lower ur chances of winning.

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1.What do you think about Vi?Can you give me some runes for her? 2.Runes for Elise and Gragas? 3.Elise will be good everytime ?

Călin Constantin

1. Vi is an all-in jungler and it doesnt fit the current meta with all the saves and disengage tools being used nowadays. as/ad/arm/cdr.
2. ap/as/hp/cdr+mr for elise, arm/as/hp/cdr+mr for graga
3. her power is in scirmishes and CC. if u avoid this all-game long, she is becoming bad in mid-late game against tanks with hard CC and burst midlaners.

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why does lcs players dont build more ap on elise ?


ap doesnt benefit her that much, spellpenetration does, if u are allowed to use ur dmg on low-mr targets. thats why she is usually built fulltank or spp->tank

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olaf cinderhulk or warrior enchantment?

kimbo limbo

cinderhulk, otherwise u are too squishy

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hi diamond what do you think about eve? she is still op as in season 4 or she cant carry like one time?

Nicolò Curati

she is strong as a champion, but ppl learned how to play against her (always place pinks/oneshot her all the time in fights, before ppl were just running away and eve benefited from it hugely) so she is not a "godtier".

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Diamond, with Shen and TF back in meta, do you think we could see nocture back in competitive for 5maning bot lane? Thanks!

Николай Меза

It's a viable option, but both shen and tf should have a decent laning to do that, and in midgame you'll have ~3 less ults to fight 5v5.

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when u stream ?

Riki Muñoz

I'm leaving to Germany tomorrow morning, so gonna spend some time with my gf b4 that. And I dont see myself streaming at GH (I usually play 2-3 games before teampractice and same after, so not worth streaming unless I wake up super-early, but then I'll be tired to the end of the day and will fail my team in last games of scrims).
I have plenty of time after relegations, so gonna stream much more often.

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What do you think about former CW jungler "Shook"?


Before he was good, now it's not the meta of "mechanically high-skilled" junglers, so he fell down a bit.

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How important is a tidy environment to you? Do you enjoy cleaning and other household tasks? Do you think people tend to judge others by how clean–or dirty–their homes are? Explain. Thank you! :)


It is very important for me, I like when everything is clean and on its own place. Cleaning is different: something I like (washing the dishes and clothes), something I hate (washing floors). Also cleaning differents from the place I'm about to clean: at home I can force myself to do whatever it takes to make it clean (though my gj does all this work for me, I just help a bit. I'm only bringing food from store usually), but at GH I can only clean dishes after my own use and my table, everything else disgusts me.
Yes, I think ppl tend to judge others by the environment in their homes. However I personally also take in account the circumstances (sometimes ppl dont have time to clean their home because of more important things, etc.) before making any cunclusions.

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What do you think of Diana jungle? Also, what are some good bans in solo queue right now?


Ban disgustin TF Rengo Elise/Nida, ppl feed them too often. Diana is terrible pre-6, then she becomes playable, but overall I think she doesnt provide anything special to the team compared to the best junglers.

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Hi Diamond! I've been a big fan ever since I originally saw IEM Kiev and Hanover back in Season 2. My question is, what was your motivation back in Season 2-3 compared to now and how did you adapt to all of the changes with the team through out the years?

Cody Box

The only motivation I had back then was to crush fags ingame and to actually make my hobby (I'm playing games from 6 yo, hardcore from ~12) a real thing.
Now its different: I want to win the tournament that I consider a real high-skill competition (Its obv WC, but sometimes its also some mid-season tournaments(like 2015 MSI) or IEMWC's(this year it wasnt that high-skilled)). All of that, though, is to prove myself that my mind is capable in such things, so thats my motivation right now. Then after I can focus on my other dreams with a peace of mind.
My adaptaion to all the changes within the team was pretty bad. Every time someone left and joined - something changed: something improved, but something dissapeared. And I always understood this missing thing too late to try to improve it. It sometimes was the lack of teamplay, sometimes lack of teamcomps understanding, sometimes the ingame attitude, etc. . I realised it recently, so maybe I'll become better at it xD

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Diamond, Will u play lee in relegations? Why I didnt saw u on monk in summer split?


Rex and gragas countered him insanely hard before their nerfs, therefore rarely he was a viable pick. Right now its possible to play him against both graga/rex and just requirs a good skills. We will see if he is gonna fit our compositions.

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Was darien just a big troll or a mad genius ( talking about lol)



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If Genja is ahead in the meta ( if you were serious in your answer )why you dont pick him up in ad carry or coach staff ?


I already said b4 - he doesnt speak english.

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Did you say lee is an op jungler?

potatokid ama

He was awhile ago. Atm he is just a good one.

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Origen or Fnatic ? Origen or H2K? UOL or Roccat ? thank

Riki Muñoz

Fnc. Origen. UOL.

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what you think about cinderhulk ekko?

Diego Andres

Before that last nerf he has been a viable tank, though if he missed W in fight - he was a total piece of shit. Champs like that are risky.
Right now I cant tell about his status, first I need to try him out. It feels like building ap item could be better atm.

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