Hi Diamond! I've been a big fan ever since I originally saw IEM Kiev and Hanover back in Season 2. My question is, what was your motivation back in Season 2-3 compared to now and how did you adapt to all of the changes with the team through out the years?

Cody Box
The only motivation I had back then was to crush fags ingame and to actually make my hobby (I'm playing games from 6 yo, hardcore from ~12) a real thing.
Now its different: I want to win the tournament that I consider a real high-skill competition (Its obv WC, but sometimes its also some mid-season tournaments(like 2015 MSI) or IEMWC's(this year it wasnt that high-skilled)). All of that, though, is to prove myself that my mind is capable in such things, so thats my motivation right now. Then after I can focus on my other dreams with a peace of mind.
My adaptaion to all the changes within the team was pretty bad. Every time someone left and joined - something changed: something improved, but something dissapeared. And I always understood this missing thing too late to try to improve it. It sometimes was the lack of teamplay, sometimes lack of teamcomps understanding, sometimes the ingame attitude, etc. . I realised it recently, so maybe I'll become better at it xD

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