Hey diamond I love your jungle style and followed you since beginning season 3. I'm having some struggles lately with soloq and it seemed that i dropped 2 divisions in 2 days. My main lanen is jungle and I play alot Nidalee but even though I have a good kda I seem to still lose, what can I do?

Victor ?
If u already have a good kda, try to die even less, especially when it matters the most(death at 50th minute will cost u the game, while death at 1st minute will only give a slight advantage to ur opponents).
Also if u have good stats - you are the one on ur team having advatage and it becomes ur resposibility to snowball it further. You can make it by spotting the least protected turrets of enemies and killing them 1 by 1.
Another thing u can improve is that when u see ur teammates argue about something - tell them politely to stfu, otherwise they might tilt or afk at some point, which will lower ur chances of winning.

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