Who do you think will be strong in patch 5.16? do you have any ideas planned for it?

joe royales
I don't look closely to this patch as we are playing relegations on 5.15 for some reason, but currently I know that skarner is op in jungle and darius is a strong toplaner. Also I'd suggest to try new items for tanky-dps champions, they seems cool.
Full ap/ad comps struggle even more with new patch (thornmail with stacked armor destroys ppl, and all the magic-resist items are stronger). But in balanced comps ad damage became much better against tanks for champs that dont have crit (kalista and every top/midlaner, except yasuo) in comparison to ap dmg, because of omen/fh change along with all the mr items buffs.
New aegis->locket is even stronger and easier to build.

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