Hey Diamond, a huge fan here. What do you think about Rek Sai atm and why do you think she disappeared of the competitive play?

Daniel Martins
It was mostly tryouts. At the end I came to the conclusion that cinderhulk->tank is always better, unless ur team is totally dumb and they cant do shit on their own so rek'sai needs to damage for them(which happens quite often in soloq, but almost never in teamplay). Warrior isn't so bad if enemy team is full of squishy targest who wants to fight you melee(like yasuo), but you need to watch closely if ur team needs that damage at all, or just a tank to peel for them.
She isn't godtier, like she was before, but definately a tier-1 along with gragas/olaf/eve/nida. Tho godtier only consists elise due to her insanely OP cocoon and ability to build most broken items(Zeke's and Banner).

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