Ask @theDiamondprox:

What is the golden rule in jungling?

I don't know
You should follow three most important rules at the same time if you wanna get a high elo:
Never die
Don't waste ur time when you can farm, but don't farm when you surely can help your team
Be a commander. You'll suck at it first, but then(after you'll learn when to do nash/drag and when to not, after you'll learn how to help your teammates by just pinging, etc.) it will help to gain elo by just manipulating ur teammates wisely.

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Are you divorced?

No, i wasn't officially married, so i'm not). In Russia cohabitation=civil marriage.
And we parted our ways with my ex more than half-year ago. Tbh I dislike making my personal life available to publicity, because it seems kinda wrong to me.
I've even heard some lies about my personal life in our community. But lies are lies, I'll just leave them alone and will hope that ppl are smart enough to not trust everything they hear, until it's properly proved.
All i can say about my current situation - is that I'm happy with my gf right now, she is very beutiful and we will have a pretty lil...
kitty ^^ in a two weeks. Maybe i'll even share a pic of that awesomeness ;)

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