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Do you think that Gambit as an organisation is responsible for some of your difficulties ? (Bad internet, problem with gaming house, coach always late,..)

Tom - Savety_
Well they are responsible for that, obviously. But for myself I can justify their misses because for all the shit that could happen, they usually had "plan B"(if one internet sucks, we got another one. if forgiven gets banned, we can use steelback, if steelback cant play, we will use P1noy, etc.), but sometimes their "plan B" failed too, so they needed "plan C"(or plan Z in the forgiven's case xD) which they didn't have usually. So overall Gambit is fine, but with it's unluckiness they should prepare for the worst-worst case scenario every time.

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Will this be your last split?

No. Unless I get hit by lightning. I really enjoy playing competitive. I can only imagine two things I'd enjoy more as a job than what I'm currently doing. Its being a game-developer of some really insane project, or exploring the universe. The second is just a dream, and for the first I have not enough knowledge yet, so I'll keep doing what I like, meanwhile gathering knowledge and enjoying the young life :)

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What do you think of Lizard > Brutalizer > Fulltank on Lee jungle?

It's possible. Sometimes you get hexdrinker instead of brutalizer too. But you also need sightstone asap.
Overall if you have an advantage and a possibility to play around favourable small fights or duels - hexdrinker or brutalizer can help you a bit. But don't build both, because you'll need to replace one of those items if game will pass ~45 minutes mark.

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Hey diamond I love your jungle style and followed you since beginning season 3. I'm having some struggles lately with soloq and it seemed that i dropped 2 divisions in 2 days. My main lanen is jungle and I play alot Nidalee but even though I have a good kda I seem to still lose, what can I do?

Victor ?
If u already have a good kda, try to die even less, especially when it matters the most(death at 50th minute will cost u the game, while death at 1st minute will only give a slight advantage to ur opponents).
Also if u have good stats - you are the one on ur team having advatage and it becomes ur resposibility to snowball it further. You can make it by spotting the least protected turrets of enemies and killing them 1 by 1.
Another thing u can improve is that when u see ur teammates argue about something - tell them politely to stfu, otherwise they might tilt or afk at some point, which will lower ur chances of winning.

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What do you think is the major factor that makes league of legends so fun to play? :)

I don't know
It's the amount of good work put into this game from our beloved company. Even though I hate some decisions they made and will make, I understand that you can't have perfect workers everywhere. They are by far the best company in gaming industry imo.
Let's always remember how good and fun their game is for us and forgive their little mistakes.

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If you participate at IEM Cologne how do you think you will perform? Do you think Gambit's teamwork improved?

I don't know
Well, if we will be performing there - I'll put as much effort as I can to win this tounament. It some kind of a tradition for us to be on IEM finals every year and it won't happen w/o good performance at IEM Cologne.
Our teamwork improved hugely after roster changes, but it's never perfect.

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why did u think j4 is worst teamfighter from toptier junglers? I think with tanky-built, j4 ult is really helpful in 5-5 fights.

Nguyễn Trường Sơn
Well, thats not him being completely useless, but other champions being better.
I'm just comparing him with elise/vi/lee/kha/gragas. Some of them are better tanks, some can change fight with just 1 spell, maybe he is better than kha in some cases but thats all. His tankyness is very questinable because he is a jungler with no money, his CD on combo is too high for fights and his ultimate... you rarely can find someone w/o escapes if you are not hella ahead and burned all the enemy flashes before the teamfight.
That being said, he is loosing duels almost to any other junglers. And even when he can outtrade some1, he needs to jump so fucking deep, wasting his only escape, that it can backfire hugely if any help will come from enemy's side.

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