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What led you, specifically, down the path of foxdom? :3

Reggie Fox
It was a long road to it, but I've always had an interest in animals. What it would be like to be one, how it would feel to turn into one, etc. I had many little doodles of transformations and favorite episodes of cartoons recorded that featured transformations. Loved the Calvin and Hobbes comic with the Transmogrifier.
It wasn't until high school that I got access to the Internet. While in a computer class, the person sitting next to me was looking at fantasy landscapes (moons, planets, castles, enchanted grooves and the like) on a website known as Elfwood. I started browsing around there and found out about online transformation communities, websites and stories. A particular story written by MythicFox in the New World Awaiting Universe told about how he was turned into a kitsune with the powers of shapeshifting and illusion. This introduced me to the furry fandom and to kitsunes in general.
So I made a character based on myself that was kitsune with 3 tails and had kitsune powers of shapeshifting, illusion and those sorts of things. Named myself KitsuneKit, which is really only based on I tried naming myself "Kitsune" on a website, but it was already taken, so I added "Kit" at the end to make it unique enough. After a while, I found it wasn't really fun when you have a power that basically can get you out of any situation you find yourself in. I dropped 2 of the tails, lost the powers and decided to just stick with being a fox.
And that's how I became the fox you know me as today!

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What led you specifically down the path of foxdom 3