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What are 5 random facts about you

1. Love Taylor Swift
2. Passionate about football and Manchester United
3. I dip bananas in Nutella as snacks.
4. I'm lazy.
5. I'm a slow learner.

if you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?

Hmmm there's so much things I wanna do now but I feel like cooking something.
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hmm what are you pursuing in life right now

My first aim is to get this honours degree and then begin my step to becoming an engineer.

What's your favourite drink? I like bandung

You must be a sweet person then.haha I love ice lemon tea the most!

Let's start off with your name, then?

Long name or short name? Long name is Faeez, short name is Handsome. Eh no eh?

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