Ask @the_one_emo_you_hate:

Who do you most admire in life ... ?¿

Well I look up to a lot of people but the ones at the top are Dominic Harrison, he is so free and doesn't care what other people think of him all he wants is to spread love and acceptance, he makes songs on important topics and his fandom is so positive.
Frank Iero because he's an amazing Rhythm Guitarist and overall an amazing person, he, Gerard Way, Mikey Way and Ray Toro were able to form a band they didn't know they were going to be forming to bring peace after 9/11 and soon becoming the biggest band of their genre and one of the biggest bands of the time together they make My Chemical Romance.
Emerson Barrett, Sebastian Danzig and Remington Leith, when they first started Palaye Royale they got a lot of hate, the most popular thing they were called was bastards (which inspired their new album name, go listen if you haven't it's amazing) but instead of quitting they kept going and now a great band. Also have great aesthetic

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Ok so people think I'm lazy but I'm actually depressed and have no motivation to do anything, and what makes it worse is my gf broke up with me a couple days ago. All I do is lay in bed all day watching YouTube and going on social media, I've been so out of shape my knees hurt from walking. Advice?

Get up clean your room or house if it's messy, listen to music while doing it and if your gf broke up w you she obviously didn't want you so stop being miserable over someone who didn't love you back and focus on those who do. Maybe try new things like food or hobbies, go to a protest, eat healthy meals and put on a brave face cause the world isnt perfect "being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections" - Gerard Way

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What movies should I watch? (Could be like anime ones or normal ones lol)

I highly recommend American Satan, you can find it for free on along w a lot of other movies but it's also TVMA, I watched it mainly for the soundtrack, Andy Biersack and Remington Leith.
The movie follows a young rock band, half from England and half from the US, who all drop out of college and move to Los Angeles to try to become famous. The main character is Johnny Faust, who lives in Columbus, Ohio with his mother and his longtime girlfriend Gretchen. He and his friends move to Los Angeles and meet up with the band members from England; together, they are The Relentless.
It's a lot better then it sounds, there's a bit of supernatural stuffs to

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