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How do you feel less insecure in a relationship ? If he can’t stand your insecure, he doesn’t love you enough right ?

I had a teacher that said don't get married to a person until you start seeing and admitting there are things you don't like about the person you're dating. She said that once that happens, you can (hopefully) tell if you can live with that person.

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Is education free at universities in your country? For example in my country you need to pay for all years.

Nope. But there are scholarships. Also there are lectures that are accessible for free on the internet (I've listened to some US Civil War era history from Yale recently). It's not good for networking. And it won't get you a fancy degree that looks good on a resume. But if you just want to learn while going for a jog or traveling to some destination, I recommend it. Keep aware enough of your surrounds to be safe though!

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My friend is doing drugs, and his parents don’t know anything about it. Should I tell them?

If this was my friend, I think I'd try to confront him about it without getting his parents involved. Be careful about acting too judgmental or angry. That might alienate him and thus might make him less likely to listen to you. Express your concern about his safety and health. Needles can be disease vectors. Drugs can be made poorly and have all sorts of nasty junk. People can OD. People can gain disorders (I actually have a joint pain issue after taking prescription drugs for non-recreational purposes).
Maybe he can quit without anyone finding out he started in the first place. But if that fails, maybe you should tell his parents. Of course it is easy for me to say this. I'm not the one dealing with this dilemma.
If the way I found out was by being told in confidence, I doubt I'd tell (even though it is entirely possible it is the right thing to do).

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