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Favourite line?💯

Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho ... to puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.. 😍😍

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And I hope you find
more than just yourself.
I hope you find
the strength
not to hurt the people
who love you.
I hope you find
a thousand miracles
hidden in the soft rain
And I hope you find art,
in all the people
you deserve to love. :")
- r.m drake

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Regarding healthy criticism will u people like to tell me that if Allah has created us as human being why some of us have made ourself a dog or cat with snapchat? 😬

EhTasham Satti
yar bat bilkul thek ha apki magar hamein izat nahe ras.. Jahil gawar log hain hum!😤
Allah hidayat de hamy..!! 😶😔

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Let's play a game

Chupan chupaye kheltay hain aur agar tmne mujay dhondh lia tu hum dinner karengay tmhare paison se..!!
Btw mai bed k peeche chupon ga.. :33

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i saw your post on fb and i wana ask questions.. i didn't asked on that post because i don't wana show you who am i! so can i ask you questions?

sure..!! ^.^
but i'll be pleased if you untick..!! (:

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