Ask @thealiciaschrock:

What does it mean when you catch a guy staring at you and then he smiles?

Could be several different things. Perhaps he was just looking at you, and then smiels to be nice. Maybe he likes you, and whenever he sees you, he gets happy. He could also be shy, and then he smiles whenever you look back at him. It could be a naughty smile, because he maybe thinks you look good, and want to do things with you ;)
There are lots of possibilities. It really depends on the smile :)

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You are so beautiful

You know what the best feeling in the world is? Having a best friend, that one person who loves you & never judges you no matter what, and no matter how badly you fuck up. Someone who you have endless conversations with and can communicate by just using your eyes. That one person who just walks in your house, opens the fridge and grabs whatever they want out. Lastly it’s that person who knows so much about you that they could ruin your life in a second. But you trust them with your life and you know that they will never ever do that no matter what.

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How do you know if a guy secretly really likes you and you’re not that sure about it? Help please .?

He stands close to you even if you're not in a small space.
He makes lots of eye contact with you — you might even catch him checking you out.
His pupils are dilated when he's talking to you
His face is expressive while talking to you.
His lips are slightly parted while talking to you and his nostrils slightly flared — this indicates that his senses are aroused.
He tries to show that he's 'manly' around you.
He's sometimes looks a little nervous — he might fidget or even be sweating a little bit when he's close to you.
He touches his hair several times while talking to you.
He gives you gifts.
He finds reasons to touch you on your face, your hair, your lower back, etc. Really any touch at all is significant.
He makes an effort to look good.
He notices your body.
He gives you his full attention when he's talking to you.
He makes a big effort to be helpful.
He's protective over you.

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