whats the sizing like on the tees? similair to an as colour fit?

AS Colour fit boof. They're the same as bigger US brands like Diamond and HUF etc.

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What date is the new drop coming. Come on im from NZ you can tell me.. Love your stuff, Love your work

It's not a secret haha I really just don't know when I'm releasing it. As soon as possible

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will we need to get in fast to buy stuff if lots of people want to buy? like what will the stock be like

Yeah def get in quick. But that being said theres enough for the people who really want it

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why cant you give a release date? will it like defiantly be this month?

It really depends on the manufacturers. But we are putting it out as fast as we can

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you`r selling 6 panels and 5 panels. Also t-shirts hoodys and jumpers

Wait are you telling me or asking me? Cause you're incorrect. Tees, hoodies, hats, buckets, lighters and ash trays. The hats are a 5 piece hat in the shape/arrangement of a 6 panel.

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