Ask @theannaclendening:

Why in the blue fuck are you on this shit is for high schoolers not desperate wanna be singers

Dang I must have missed that in the description. I guess I read as well as I sing πŸ˜‚

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What advice would you give to someone who also enjoys making content on social media but hasn't been able to go anywhere with it?

My advice would be to figure out why you're doing it. If you're "doing social media" to get somewhere, then you're doing it wrong. Do it because you love it and makes you happy ❀️❀️

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if you weren't involved in music, what would be your ideal career?

Dogs. Something with dogs. I'll probably end up doing something with rescues or any organizations like that soon anyways!

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What grade did you struggle the most with your anxiety? Other than music what helped you overcome it?

Ninth grade. I almost failed because I never went to school!

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Why did u send me a question for no reason?

Hey guys, so today I am asking a "Question Of The Day", so it's featured on the app. Thats why this random weirdo right here (me) is popping up on your feed haha.

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how do you get paid? what do you do for a living? do you use your popularity to benefit society?

I get paid through my music sales and just like any other YouTuber or social media influencer. I right music, make content, and any other thing that involves music! I try as much as I can to help make a positive impact with my platforms.
Hopefully one day I can turn my following into an organization where I travel and help people (whether that be with mental illness, or any other issues that strike home with me)!

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