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did you see sargon sperging out when arguing with redpanels on twitter?

lol yeah it was great

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Thoughts on Tucker Carlson?

Can't cuck the Tuck.

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Thoughts on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia?

Never cared for it.

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What's that movie company you mentioned in the recent Alt Right Life podcast? One-E Entertainment? Too generic to find, it must be said!

Entertainment One is the name of the company.

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Since you dislike TRS does that mean you dislike Morrakiu now too?

I don't have any problem with Morrakiu, at least as far as I know, but then I've not watched a ton of his videos. I liked his "Agreeing with Liberals for the wrong reasons" videos.

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Most women are trash

Most people are trash.

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thoughts on Chris Pratt and is he a good leading man?

I really enjoyed him both is Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World.

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does it please you that Gary Johnson won't be in the debates?

In hindsight I think it might have been funny to watch him likely embarrass himself up there.

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thoughts on Mark Levin?

He took GOPe money during the primary to attack Trump. That tells you all you need to know about him.

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when you mentioned how Steve Dillon uses the same face in his work. It turns out he did that intentionally to troll people.

So he sucked on purpose? That's worse actually.

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The biggest failing of western Christianity in modern history is that it listened to and pandered too people who quite clearly hate it. Thus it attracted no one that cared for it, and drove off those that did.

This is not a question.

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Talk about Linkara on stream

Why? What did he do now?

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thoughts on non profits? are they bad?

I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with non-profits.

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do you believe purgatory is real?

I don't know of any mention of Purgatory in the Bible so I tend to think it's likely horseshit made up by the Catholic Church to sell indulgences.

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Please include links in the description from now on.

I try but honestly I always name the article and site so it's easy enough to find when you're playing at home.

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Have you noticed an increase of Americans not cucking for progressive shit, but cucking for the alt right in Europe? People who pretty much want American to become a colony with a king again, its like virtue signaling for the alt right in Europe rather then black people.

That's a fair criticism actually.

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Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch?

would Cobra Commander be a good president?

thoughts on barry goldwater?

is it better to get rid of all copyright and patent laws or is it better to reform them?

thoughts on deism?

thoughts on Lauren Southern and would you fuck her?

what did you think of the JSA in Legends of Tomorrow?

thoughts on trump not releasing his tax returns? should he be required to do so or would it be just a sign of good faith?

I suppose it would be good to do, but I'd rather the books be opened on the Clinton Foundation.

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