Ask @thebechtloff:

Regarding r/k selection theory, does it mean certain races are r types and can never be k types? or can a member of a race that is normally r type be k type?

A lot to unpack here. First of all the problem with this question is your thinking is far too black and white. Let's back up for a second. Different races of human beings are different. As such they will tend to have different attributes. Not just physically but also regarding intelligence and temperament. Key words there being "tend to", of course there are exceptions. As for r/K remember r/K exists on a spectrum, all human beings are K type compared to say a Sea Turtle. Will certain races tend to be more K type than others? Of course. Does that mean there aren't exceptions in both groups? Of course not.
And most importantly remember you are not merely a biological machine, the good Lord gave you free choice. Whatever your natural temperament you can always recognize it, and seek to correct for it and even shift it over time. No one is doomed to not improve as a person if they have the wisdom to recognize their flaws.

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