Hello! I remember reading somewhere on your blog that you believe design internships should be paid due to the nature of the work being done. Would you know of any paid design internships that you would recommend? It could be in an ad agency or design firm!

Justine: Hey there! I did say that, and I still do believe in it, but because I have 0 graphic design skills at all, I don't know any paid design internships to recommend. :( When I asked my friends, they generally do freelance work because design interns, /normally don't get paid in the industry/. It's BS our generation needs to change but as of now, it's stuck.
Freelance at least, pays.
The best ad agency I know is Ogilvy and Mather, but they're looking for all around creative people (aka graphic design, video editing, conceptualizing) as backup manpower for their campaigns.
Sorry I couldn't help, good luck!!

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