Hi! Quick question about INKOMPASS because I'm an incoming sophomore whose curi0osity is building - if you're taking a 5 year course (like BAA), are you supposed to apply at INKOMPASS when you're a sophomore or a junior? Or can you apply as either? Thank you!

Justine: For INKOMPASS, you just need to be 18 and to have 2 years left in school when you apply , so for BAA, you need to be an incoming 4th year! When our pioneer batch started, all our graduation dates are 2017 (so we'll probably be going to each other's graduations lol), and for the second batch, they're all graduating in 2018.
For the incoming INKOMPASS 2017 batch, they need to be graduating in 2019 to be eligible! Hope this helps clear it up!

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