Hi! I'm sorry if this question has been asked already (new reader here woo!) but I wanted to ask...and this'll sound silly but...did you speak mostly Filipino during your internship? (I recently had an internship and my colleagues all made fun of my conyo-ness HUHUHU)

J: 1st, that wasn't silly, that's a completely normal and routine problem Ateneans face when going to work places that are not populated with our fellow conyo's.
2nd, I don't speak Taglish much, and Betina almost never does because she was raised in Europe. So, don't worry. You're in good company.
I only spoke in Filipino when I knew for sure the people I was talking to didn't know it well. And even then, i was given an interpreter because my bosses truly thought i would die out in the remote provinces of the Philippines without one.
3rd, I think this is something you should make peace with. Idk about other people, but in my opinion, making fun of someone's grasp of a language is something immature and kind of hints at the those teasing you being close-minded people. A person is struggling with a language means that they know another language better. As long as you are trying to speak and learn a different language, you're already doing great. So kudos to you!
Just smile and politely laugh when people do that for the sake of pakikisama. And never stop trying to learn how to speak your other languages better. Take it from me, I have an elementary grasp of both Tagalog and Mandarin, but I still try my best to speak it, even if everyone makes fun of me in the process.

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