If you know the email address of a recruiter, is it better to send your resume directly to them even if the job posting says to apply on their company website? I feel like they don't really mind people's applications in the company website eh :(

Justine: Send to both. The company website is a catch-all (and an easy way for the company to ignore you if you're not someone they want to hire or even engage with) but you still want your name to be in the system. It makes you look like you follow the rules.
But do send to the recruiter directly, with a cover letter that's memorable, reads well, and sets you apart from all the other candidates right away. Be charming, tell them you also applied through the company website, and that you're excited to hear back from them. ((Cover letter formulas are a completely different post.))
Apply through company website anytime you want, but schedule your email to the recruiter at 8:09am on the nearest working day. The uneven time makes it look natural and authentic, instead of a bot schedule.

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