re: tedx, but it's alright to put it in your resume if you've organized tedx talks right? hehe

Most definitely, you should be highlighting that you're an organizer, especially if you were marketing or logistics head. It's a strong impression to say stuff, like "Led a 15-person team that coordinated logistics for 1200+ people for an 8 hour program" or "Pioneered using targeted FB ads to sell out 1200+ tickets in 4 days at <Php1000 cost."
If you are core team though, like volunteers or the hard working ones who don't get to boss people around, it's not that strong to add in. It's kinda useless since it's not leadership or project management experience. Unless you, as the lowly one, initiated something new that made TedX better.
PS, this technically counts as work experience, but because AJMA owns the TedXADMU rights, I've always put it under co-curriculars which I find so sad. This is such a good experience for people to have, hosting a conference this big. Is a shame only a few people can be core team. Someone start a TedXKatip na.

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