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Demi Lovato
It's an honor when I hear that I've inspired somebody to do or not to do something. This is what I'm living for, this is my purpose. And this makes me incredibly happy when my story helps someone.. I'm beyond grateful for all the experience I had and will have in the future. God is great and he knows what's he doing. And I'm here to show you guys, that recovery IS possible. And I'm an alive proof of that. Never stop fighting, don't give up, just go on, you can do it and you can get through everything, believe in yourself because I believe in you. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Also I want to mention that giving back is important and women rights are human rights.. Always appreciate things you have in life. Through traveling the world I have learned to appreciate life and all the abilities I have in life even more. There are so many people who don't have it. Be grateful for everything, for the fact that you can walk, see, feel and live.. Because some don't have even that. Make your own journey because you are worth it. You all are so beautiful, so inspiring!! So grateful to be alive right now. Enjoying it so much right now and I hope you guys do the same. Appreciate the time Jesus gave you. Every step you are making in life and your recovery is important and it matters. Enjoy every moment. Because we only live once. Loving life so much and loving you guys!! Stay strong, you'll get through it I promise. You and your stories are my inspiration guys. I don't know how I deserve you all. Breathe, feel, live, make it happen. Life is a blessing. So much love.❤️

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