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people who love each other don’t do this I need to let go of everything the friends, the nights, and the hope we had.

i really, really need to know who sent this and why

7 yrs later like why wait so long?

this question is crazy bc how tf did you get the time so accurate

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Sometimes you just have to let something go and go on with your life even though that’s not what you wanted is the only way you can go it’s really hard when you only have one cooperating side of party! It’s like bitin A brick wall trying to get you to put any effort into anything

I think I got what you were going for at the beginning but you kinda lost me at the end
ain’t nobody out here biting brick walls


I really be out here at 5 am answering these “hey” questions gettin my hopes up n shiiiii
but hey how are u

I no longer care about the psychic connection, the music, your words, your opinion, nothing. Yesterday was the straw that broke the camel's back, I'm not going to give my heart to someone who doesn't know what they want and enjoys the suffering of other people. You can say whatever tf you want idc


If someone doesn’t respond to your message for a week, would you take it personally or no (especially if they’ve been online ever day of the week)?

nahhh, as much as it feels like it's personal, some people just need time and space

Tessellate by Alt- j. Just popped on my headphones. What song are you listening to right now?

ambient coffee shop jazz LMAO
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