Ask @thegreatgonzo:

If you were a charity with an amazon wishlist how would you promote it? You are a big social media user and prescence online. I'm looking for ideas - online or otherwise, yours or maybe if any readers have good ideas? It looks like a massive overwhelming area and I just need a few key pointers

Pretty much the only answer which won't cost a chunk of money is social sharing, get the people involved with the charity to post about it on facebook/twitter and the like. Then get them to get their friends to pass the message on. If there are lots of people at the charity who don't maintain a social media presence then make sure it is easy for them to ask others, their kids for example, to do it on their behalf. May be worth thinking about hashtags and other ways of raising the visibility of the posting. I do like the idea of an Amazon wishlist as a way of soliciting physical donations of needed items.

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What can I cook for dinner? something for 3 people that isn't pasta based and isn't complicated or a faff. I'm totally out of inspiration!

I suppose it depends on your definition of faff. A good risotto can be done with minimal faff but takes time at the stove. Steak and chips can be faff free if you have a decent fryer; similarly mussels. If you want to just put something on and ignore it this is good stewing/casseroling weather.

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Is it really sadism if the masochist enjoys it?

It strikes me that this is the sort of question where a single simple technically correct answer doesn't exist and it depends on who you are asking. If we are talking sexually (I assume we are on my then if the parties involved are getting what they want out of it who cares how the words are strictly defined?

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