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Aur phir yun hua ke ?👀

Depression is not always the girl that's crying in the bathroom or the boy that is always wearing long sleeves.
It's not always suicide notes and pill bottles.
Sometimes it's all smiles, good grades.
Sometimes it's the boy who's always helpful and the girl that you always borrow things from. It's not always that easy to notice and understand.🦋🍁
(Dedicated to someone:)

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Brown boys starter pack be like?

Messi Vs Ronaldo🤣(aur bhi hain bhaie players)
Madrista Barca, 😏
Up for streaks?🙄
These hoes ain't loyal (powered by womenizers)😏😏
Eminem for singles, 😂😍Atta Ullah shb for broken dills😜
GOT and That Thomas Shelby lovers and Netflix users.😒
Plus lazmi write their birthdays in their bio.( Bhally koi wish na kray)😂
Lo g aya fir ghori.🤣🙈😎
Okaythanksbye. 🏃

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