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What do you do before you sleep?

I read.

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Salam ana,kalau lepas ni nak ikut anna travel boleh tak?

Boleh! Come join me next time. Kalau Anna ada nak pergi mana mana I'll let you all know so siapa nak ikut boleh ikut!

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youre pretty that's why it's easier for you to get money and such

Jangan persoalkan rezeki Allah. Tak ada istilah cantik senang dapat duit etc. Nak murah rezeki, sedekah. Nak duit, usaha. Semua tu tak kira rupa paras pun kan?

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This is completely random but do you like fluffy socks? 😂

YES I DO!!!!!! I can't stand anything fluffy they're super cute T_____T

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gimme the attention that i want!!!!!

Ye ye giving the attention you want now.

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Hey Anna! Boleh share total cost Anna travel ke Europe haritu tak? The tickets semua tu (tapi tak termasuk kalau Anna ada beli barang kat sana) And can you share your schedule (Anna memula pergi mana then pergi mana semua tu). Lepas ni Anna nak pergi travel ke mana pulak?

You can visit hehe. I wrote a longggggg post on my Europe Trip.

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how u manage your time being single? What you do to avoid feeling lonely?

I don't see what's the problem with being single. I'm actually happy with where I am now.

I'm not lonely at all because I have my friends who always cheer me up, make stupid jokes, to go food hunting with, or shopping, talking, gossiping, fighting and everything else. If there's time when I feel lonely, that's on me. It has nothing to do with being single.

I don't need a boyfriend to be happy. If people think I'm lonely, I'm happy with being lonely 😊

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Kak anna tak rasa rimas ke if anyone tell their problem to you in social media?

Why should I?
Tak rimas pun sebab I understand how they feel. Sometimes they have no one to go to or tell their problems to. I myself would talk to strangers about my problems sometimes because strangers don't know me, they won't judge me. They will listen to my problems and give me fair advices & opinions. Lagi comfortable.
Plus, it'd help me too. To be more open minded & wise kot. Haha

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Anna, i hate myself for being so easily attracted over small kindness from this one boy and somehow i cannot control it. It keeps bothering me keep making me asking myself does he likes me. I feel stupid and help me change my perception bcs i know things aren't like that. Or does he really likes me

Why don't you ask him yourself? :)

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Kak Anna, as our senior in kuptmkl, do you mind to come and watch our theatre soon?

Sure! Dm me the details. I'll come if I don't have any plans, insha Allah! :)

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hello anna, can u share about your skincare routine and what is the basic thing we need for our skin especially to our face. if ure rajin enough can you explain step-by-step the skincare we should apply?

Hi! Sure! I'll just explain in the simplest way ok!

1. Cleanser
We should cleanse our face at least twice a day (morning & night).
If you have make up on, make sure you remove it using make up remover at night before you sleep. This should go first before you cleanse your face. So remove your make up & then use your cleanser. This is CRUCIAL. Never ever ever ever ever sleep with make up on. It will clog your pores resulting to acne & other skin problems.

2. Toner
It's to get rid of the excess from your cleanser & it will also prep your skin for next routine. Some toner will help to minimize pores, balance your skin etc. Find a good brand of toner but it'd be safe to avoid ones with alcohol especially if you have sensitive skin, it wouldn't do good.

3. Moisturizer
EVERYONE should apply moisturizer to their skin. It doesn't matter if you have oily skin, you still need moisturizer. Ideal ones should be the ones with aqua or gel based as it is lighter & will absorb quickly. Some cream moisturizer will make your skin look greasy throughout the day. So use an ample amount of it, don't put too much.

4. Sunblock
Never leave your sunblock especially during the day even if you're indoor. You can opt for cc cream for lighter texture or just regular sunblock if you don't wear make up. Remember this always.

P/S: Serum/Essence
These two are like supplementary routine for extra treatment. If you have problematic skin for example, you might need anti inflammatory essence or something. Vit c serum and what not. This should be applied AFTER TONER.

These are the most basic routine that you should stick with. Lagi lagi the first four steps. You can mix brands and whatever but make sure they're good ones that are suitable for your skin. Make sure you know what type of skin you have. Please avoid local products as most of them bring more harm than good.

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Anna hai! Macam mana nak pandai masak? I'm turning 22 but still cannot cook well. I tried quite many times but always end up with failure. The taste is not delicious at all at all time!. That makes me dont wanna cook. Even for my family.Malu nak bagi dorang rasa masakan saya sebab tak pernah sedap 😞

Don't give up! The key to success is to keep trying, learn from your mistakes and failures. Keep practicing and practice sampai pandai. Nak masak kena hati ikhlas dan kata orang kena cook with love gitu. Haha

Macam mana nak tahu masakan tu sedap ke tak? Rasa. Setiap kali masak, wajib rasa makanan tu. Garam gula cukup tak?

Start dengan masakan simple simple dulu. Masak nasi kena tahu sukatan air, telur dadar hancur tak, lauk sardin boleh masak tak, sup boleh tak, ikan goreng, ayam goreng ok tak, sambal? Ni antara masakan senang senang yang paling basic. Biasanya kalau dah master yang basic, bila dah start ada intuition tu dah boleh masak benda lain dah.

Anna pun tak berapa pandai masak tapi Anna suka belajar. Biasanya Anna tengok style ibu Anna masak, apa dia selalu letak, resepi dia macam mana. Then tiru je. Kalau tak pandai, Anna tengok resepi kat internet kalau malas tanya ibu.

Family Anna selalu je rasa masakan Anna yang tak jadi, kek lupa letak telur lah, sayur masin lah, sotong tak jadi lah, nasi ayam pelik lah semua lah haha tapi diorang makan je. Family mesti support kita so no worries. Try and error lepastu perbaiki lah dari situ!

Jangan give up, kalau taknak cuba sampai bila bila pun tak pandai! :)

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What is the craziest thing you've done in public?

Walking in a mall without my shoes on. Literally. Yes. I even went to eat dinner, bare feet.

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Hai Kak anna , time travel dekat Europe ADA ambik pakej tak ? Akak Anna pergi umrah ambik pakej under mana ye ? Mohon pencerahan . Thanks .

No, saya tak pernah ambil pakej. Saya dah tulis semua dekat blog - which you can refer to kalau nak travel. How I planned my road trip, where I stayed etc were all written there.

Masa pergi umrah, saya ikut Andalusia.

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What is your favorite motto or saying?

"If you believe in yourself, anything is possible."

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kak anna, just wanna ask. if keluar masa pagi or petang, I always apply day cream or sunscreen. kalau keluar malam(for movie or night out) what should I apply to look fresh?

For a night out, use cc cream. Walaupun malam, you'll be needing sunblock too. Cc cream is lighter than bb cream, the texture is very comfortable & banyak benefits too. It will make your skin glow! :)

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Assalammualaikum anna. how do you managed to work part time and study and still manage to get good result?


The only way to be good at managing your time is by knowing your priorities. Always know which one comes first, which ones goes second so if one dah you'll have to decide between those two, you'd know which one goes first.

Despite your business & lack of time to do everything perfectly, always do everything perfectly. Be a perfectionist. Do things wholeheartedly, your assignments, your work, complete them like your life depends on them. The blood & tears will be worth it in the end.

Do not give up.

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is it raining today?

Well, my heart is.

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Salam Anna! I really like u sebab u're such an inspiration for youngster. I followed u since u pakai skinny sampai la u changed alot. May He grant you syurga firdausi for inspiring us covering our aurah ♥


Hi! Thank you so much! It means a lot. I never thought I'd be an inspiration because I'm a nobody & I have flaws everywhere but I do hope that people will only follow the good traits. Thank you for your kind prayer. May Allah bless you!

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Hi anna! 😊 For a guy around 20 yrs old. Should i be saving money to travel the world with my girlfriend or save it for marriage issues in the future

Hi! You should travel with your friends instead!

If you have a job, you can save your money for both traveling & marriage. Why focus on one when you can do both? Make sure you put a lot of commitment. Don't use the money for other purpose.

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hai kak anna, can you tell me about your life after spm? what did you do back then?

Hi! After SPM I worked for Tropicana Life for 2 weeks & then I got into PLKN tapi for a week je (I had a chronic illness & the doctor sent me home). Then I worked sampai dapat masuk kolej! :)

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salam kak anna, nak tanya kak anna yg duit every month yg ayah kak anna kasi untuk belanja (rm100) kak anna manage camna ya? haritu tgok kak anna live, tapi line slow, so tak dpt catch up kak anna cakap apa.. sorry kak anna. harap sangat kak anna balas :)


Hi! Masa belajar dulu Anna letakkan had sehari belanja berapa ringgit.
Contoh, sehari RM10. So kena survive dengan RM10 tu je tak boleh lebih. Kalau kurang takpe. Kalau lebih kira tolak duit belanja esok, haha.
So normally cari makan murah murah dekat area kolej or hostel ada banyak. Kalau ada duit lebih tu Anna simpan. Kalau ada tabung lagi bagus, simpan hari hari.
Air Anna minum air masak je, bawak bekal sendiri kalau rajin.

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hi anna, ada tak recomended drugstore whitening lotion. i got tanned badly bcs of bola jaring. help me pls :(

You can use aloe vera gel. I went to Lombok last year & got sunburnt too. I applied TFS aloe vera gel 2 3 times a day every day and my skin went back to normal in just 6 days! It's affordable & natural. Give it a try!

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Hi, Whats is your ultimate goal in life ?


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Rasa teme hipokrit, apa anna rasa?

To me, kita tak ada hak nak judge siapa hipokrit siapa tak. Lagi lagi kalau kita tak kenal orang tu langsung.

Kalau setakat follow dekat social media terus rasa kenal sangat sampai boleh tahu dia ni macam mana, tipu sangat. Setakat baca tweets dia hari hari, tengok gambar dekat instagram, tegur pun tak pernah.

Mana logiknya?

These days it's impossible for you to know a person just by their profiles. Social media can fool us, we only see what those people show us. There are sides of them that we never seen, it might be good it might be not.

Unless if really know them in person, you can have that opinion. But remember, bad thoughts and opinions should only be kept by yourself. Say only good things because the moment we decide to talk about people we don't like, nothing good will come to us. Jaga aib orang, Allah jaga aib kita.

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21. Imperfect, a sinner.
I'm not a good person, but I want to be one. I like to share my thoughts & knowledge. Feel free to ask me whatever you have on your mind, I'll try my best to answer. Insha Allah.