salam anna. kalau salah seorang ahli keluarga buat salah yang hina, apa yg patut kita buat ?

Waalaikumussalam. Tegur. Jangan diam je.

What is the secret behind your name? What does Anna Khayalan stands for? Because I knew your actual name is Ainna but its pretty interesting for me to know about the secret behind it πŸ™Œ

Its no longer a secret if i reveal the secret :p

how did u meet justin? 😊

I was his maid

are you having a relationship with justin?

Yes. We are getting married 2020

What will you do if someone you love make a very huge mistake? You just forgive, give second chance or you will never trust him anymore?

It depends on his act, if what he did was forgivable then that's what I'd do. Some people deserve a second chance. But if it was unacceptable, then I'd forgive but no second chance would be given. Trust must be earned, we don't simply give it away to people who don't deserve it.

What is your 2016 wishlist? Since your 2015 wishes come true. How did you make sure that all of them become reality?

I don't have a 2016 wish list/goals yet, I haven't thought about it.

I'm a girl with words, when it comes to achieving my goals I'd do whatever it takes because I've made a promise to myself. Kalau ada problems, I'll solve them. I always remind myself about it too so that I wouldn't run from my objectives & tak reluctant. Its just up to you, you're the one yang set up those goals. Kalau bebetul nak, do it. Kalau taknak then don't. Mind set penting.

Hi! Mcm mana nk travel mcm you? Best tgk you travel oversea, especially. Any tips?😊

Hi! Do well in your exams! Haha my dad sebenarnya didn't allow me to go travel before this. I remember that one time nak pergi USS dengan my friends, he thought about it for a week plus. He said no instantly sebab it'd be dangerous lah apa lah he said. I had to pujuk dia so he'd allow me to go tapi semua tak menjadi except one. I was in semester 1 at that time & luckily I got Deans List. I used that. I told him "Hadiah Deans List, please?" pastu he had no choice but allowing me to go. Cause it'd be unfair :p
Next time I got my results, he said "Aduh nak pergi mana pulak laaa" hahaha

Fyi, I use my own money to travel. My parents memang tak ada bagi duit langsung. One thing is, I work so memang ada duit extra just for traveling only which I keep. Pastu cari kawan yang up for it & start plan cheap trip.

For students yang don't work, I recommend you guys menabung je. Don't underestimate the power of menabung sebab "sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit". Kena pandai jimat and at least sehari tu letak duit hijau atau merah dalam tabung. Kena disiplin and jangan guna duit tu.

Kalau nak beli tiket flight, tunggu promo :)

It is okay to ignore those "I like you" or "You are my crush" from a guy that likes you? Because he admitted it. Well, for me, he shouldn't have done that, cause perhaps it will make our relation to become super awkward. I mean, if I don't know, things are easier I can say.

That's for you to decide. If you ask me, I'd say thank you and act like it never happened or just act like its just another thing. Cause ignoring them is like torturing them, tak baik. Be friends je. The awkwardness and all tu depends on you and him. Kalau both of you are cool then it would be less awkward.

Assalamualaikum, wanna ask, if you don't mind, How you start your business? Like shawls by your own brand? Seriously, dlm usia muda, mengagumkan! 😊

Well, I'm surrounded by successful entrepreneurs and they often encourage me to start my own brand. Diorang tak ada ajar apa sangat but I learn by looking at their companies and sometimes I ask them kalau tak tahu. Kalau diorang share, belajar la kalau tak share tak apa belajar sendiri je. It's a dream to own a brand under my name and so far... It hasn't been easy. Susah gila & sangat stressful. Kena prepare mentally and physically.

Yang penting jangan tinggal Allah. 😊

anna selalu scrub muka dengan apa ya?

Anna pakai gel Cure, beli dekat Sasa. Kulit anna sensitif sangat, tak boleh pakai scrub yang berpasir tu.

Happy Newyear :)

Happy new year to you too πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰

Which animals scare you most? Why?

Abusive people.

I think that you should enter #clevergirl hoho , please kak anna

Hahaha what's that? And please I'm not clever kay! I'm moderate je.

Saya nk menyimpan duit buat travel, braces dan memacam lagi tp ada je tak kena. Family mintak la kawan mintak la. Tiap hari pulak tu. Topup la makan la. Gaji 900 je. Cne nak simpan duit? πŸ˜”

Buat tabung. Simpan sikit pun takpe, at least ada simpanan. Bagi duit kat parents, insha Allah lagi murah rezeki nanti. Kalau boleh jangan rajinkan pinjam duit dekat orang especially those yang susah nak bayar balik. Dahulukan diri sendiri & keluarga dulu.

Contoh RM900. Kira sehari belanja untuk makan berapa, ada initiative lain tak untuk jumat duit? Masak sendiri ke apa ke.

Topup untuk apa? Internet? Limitkan. Cari line yang paling affordable.

Untuk parents, bagi takat kita mampu je asalkan bagi.

Biasakan kalau dapat gaji, masuk duit dalam tabung dulu or saving acc ke. RM100 pun dah okay. Nanti kalau cukup duit boleh travel tempat dekat dekat dulu. Travel pun kena jimat jugak.

Kalau tahu manage, ada sistem, ada initiatif insha Allah you'll do just fine! 😊

anna prefer husband lagi tua ke lagi muda ? hm

I actually prefer someone older than me because I think they're wiser and better at being a husband especially that I'm very stubborn & childish at times.

Hv u ever thought to marry ur bestfriend?

All the time! I constantly tell my best friend "If nobody wants to marry me, I'm gonna force you to marry me. No objection." πŸ˜‚

Im considering on taking TESL later but then some ppl told me I better dun. And I really enjoy and like english. Is that reason enough for me to apply for tesl? Is it true that tesl is tough???

Who cares about some people's opinion?
They're not the one who are going to pursue their study in TESL. If you love English, you should go for it. It won't be tough if you love the language, you'll find it very fun instead! However please be aware that TESL course is focusing more on education where you'll learn how to teach. That's why other people find it tough. So if you're not into teaching, you should look up for other English courses. There are plenty more offered by public unis.

Anna, kalau saya ajak awak travel sama2 nak tak nanti? Saya perempuan.

Sure, I'd love too!!!! Just lemme know early so we can plan the trip okies!

Dear anna, i scrolled ur answers and i felt curious abt this nawfal person. Is he ur new bf? Sincerely, ur #1 stalker.

Geez you are indeed a stalker haha. Okay that's it I'm clearing this up... I don't have a boyfriend. Nawfal is a friend of mine. Ok? πŸ™‚

I wanna leave him but I always find myself searching for him again. I think I love him but I'm in pain. I don't want him but I always ended up going to him again and again. What am I suppose to do?

Love is the sum of all mixed feelings including pain but if there's too much pain compared to happiness in a relationship, that's not love.

Figure it out.

better study in what time? how do you study even if you have a lot of things to do?

Timing untuk study, setiap orang lain lain sebenarnya. When is the time of the day where you're at your best? Rasa bersemangat & focus.

Me time subuh, pagi dan malam. Bila nak study, I'll study during those times sebab rasa fresh. And selalu ada hot or warm tea to help me relax.

I'm a busy person but I know my priorities. For me, study memang comes first. So whatever things that I have to do, I'd normally sort it out first or buat later so I can focus on studying and reading. Kalau ada job clash dengan exam ke class ke presentation ke, I'll ditch the job with no second thought.

As long as you know your priorities & tahu how to manage your time, you'll be fine.

Kak anna,sy bsekolah di sbuah sbp dan bakal menduduki PT3 pd thn hdpan.Sy berasa tdk mahu ke sekolah kerana mempunyai masalah dgn kwan sy.Dia selalu cari gaduh dengan sy dan suruh buat itu ini,sy rasa agak tertekan dgnnya dan bercadang untuk berpindah.Btul ke apa yg sy buat? Apa cdangan kak anna ?

Jangan lari dari masalah. Kalau asyik lari bila nak selesai? Takkan setiap kali terserempak dengan dia nanti nak masam muka dan rasa tertekan je?

Kalau rasa diperkecilkan, digunakan, cakap dengan dia elok elok yang awak tak suka. Biarlah dia nak cakap apa pun.

And ingat, kadang kadang, kalau orang buat kita walaupun kita tahu itu bukan salah kita, it's okay to be the first person untuk minta maaf kalau bergaduh. Besar pahala tau. Kalau dia tak suka, tak apa lah. At least you did your part. Kalau dia still cari gaduh, ignore je. Kalau layan lagi tertekan.

Cadangan saya, jangan pindah.

Assalamualaikum kak anna. Saya ada kawan ni. Tapi lepas habis sekolah and dia pergi poli, dia dah jarang nak chat saya ke apa ke. Kadang2 saya rindu dia then saya ws dia tapi dia macam layan tak layan je😳betul ke orang kata bila dah habis sekolah kawan kita satu demi satu akan lupakan kita?😒😒

Waalaikumussalam. Hi! Itu normal. Saya sendiri pun jarang contact kawan kawan lama sebab busy study. I mean, once dah habis sekolah everyone ikut haluan sendiri. Semua pergi tempat lain lain. Sebenarnya tak lupa pun, selalunya sebab sibuk je. I'm sure your friend had a lot of things to do, problems you didn't know about. Maybe bila dia balik or free nanti dia contact pulak who knows.

Be positive ok! & sentiasa bersangka baik 😊

Assalamualaikum ana. I have a problem, i feel so week. It is so hard to move on. I broke up a few months ago with my ex but last month he said he still love me. So we dont want to be in a haram relationship anymore. But seeing the girls comments on his ig hurts me so much. :( i need positive words:(

Waalaikumussalam. Just remember if you guys are meant for each other, you'll be together at the end of the day. So be positive. If you do love him that much tho, pray to Allah. He always listen πŸ™‚

Your real name is Nor Ainaa. Am i right? 😏

Nice! I bet you stalked my past answers! Haha


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