Rasa teme hipokrit, apa anna rasa?

To me, kita tak ada hak nak judge siapa hipokrit siapa tak. Lagi lagi kalau kita tak kenal orang tu langsung.
Kalau setakat follow dekat social media terus rasa kenal sangat sampai boleh tahu dia ni macam mana, tipu sangat. Setakat baca tweets dia hari hari, tengok gambar dekat instagram, tegur pun tak pernah.
Mana logiknya?
These days it's impossible for you to know a person just by their profiles. Social media can fool us, we only see what those people show us. There are sides of them that we never seen, it might be good it might be not.
Unless if really know them in person, you can have that opinion. But remember, bad thoughts and opinions should only be kept by yourself. Say only good things because the moment we decide to talk about people we don't like, nothing good will come to us. Jaga aib orang, Allah jaga aib kita.

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