hello anna, can u share about your skincare routine and what is the basic thing we need for our skin especially to our face. if ure rajin enough can you explain step-by-step the skincare we should apply?

Hi! Sure! I'll just explain in the simplest way ok!
1. Cleanser
We should cleanse our face at least twice a day (morning & night).
If you have make up on, make sure you remove it using make up remover at night before you sleep. This should go first before you cleanse your face. So remove your make up & then use your cleanser. This is CRUCIAL. Never ever ever ever ever sleep with make up on. It will clog your pores resulting to acne & other skin problems.
2. Toner
It's to get rid of the excess from your cleanser & it will also prep your skin for next routine. Some toner will help to minimize pores, balance your skin etc. Find a good brand of toner but it'd be safe to avoid ones with alcohol especially if you have sensitive skin, it wouldn't do good.
3. Moisturizer
EVERYONE should apply moisturizer to their skin. It doesn't matter if you have oily skin, you still need moisturizer. Ideal ones should be the ones with aqua or gel based as it is lighter & will absorb quickly. Some cream moisturizer will make your skin look greasy throughout the day. So use an ample amount of it, don't put too much.
4. Sunblock
Never leave your sunblock especially during the day even if you're indoor. You can opt for cc cream for lighter texture or just regular sunblock if you don't wear make up. Remember this always.
P/S: Serum/Essence
These two are like supplementary routine for extra treatment. If you have problematic skin for example, you might need anti inflammatory essence or something. Vit c serum and what not. This should be applied AFTER TONER.
These are the most basic routine that you should stick with. Lagi lagi the first four steps. You can mix brands and whatever but make sure they're good ones that are suitable for your skin. Make sure you know what type of skin you have. Please avoid local products as most of them bring more harm than good.