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Si pudieras escuchar solo una canción durante el resto de tu vida. ¿Cuál sería?

Puede que Always Where I Need to be

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¿Cuál es tu género musical favorito?


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And other members ?

Yes, Luke Pritchard, Hugh Harris, Paul Garred and Max Rafferty went to the Brighton Institute of Modern Music

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Can i ask you where Alexis went to school (university) ?

He didn't go to collage :)

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But if you really need to choose ? Who is more handsome or what ... For me it is Hugh 💕.

Hmm I think I would choose Luke because I love the way he sings :)

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And who is your fav Kook ? 💕

I love every single one of them a lot, I can't choose one but they are all so funny and close to their fans

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When did you start to listen to the kooks ? And why ?

We don't know exactly when, but a few years ago because my sister saw them in a magazine

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Yo tambien me apunto al grupo de Whatsapp!!

Yo sin duda me apunto a lo del grupo


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¿Para cuando un grupo de WhatsApp para fangirlear mucho?

Podemos hacer uno, pero tendría que haber más de quince personas que quisieran entrar

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Siiii, active las notificaciones nada mas descubrir vuestra cuenta de twitter


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Me parece genial! Espero enterarme de la quedada 😳

¡Claro! Puedes activar las notificaciones de para no perderte nada

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