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Haha. Well I think we are all a little weird on this site Thekra. =). I like making people think outside the box and creatively. =) ____ 1. So if you were going to read me, would you bring me in nicely, or just toss me on your table like I'm just a newspaper now? 😆 cheers!

I said i will toss you in the garbage can because i don’t read newspapers

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Oh goodness. Theres just no winning against you Lady Thekra. Hah. Dare I ask. Whyyyy, would you just pick me up and throw me away? Ahaha

Because you are so weird
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Hahaha! Well that makes sense. But if you KNEW I was the Sunday newspaper, you wouldn't say anything to me?? You would just treat me like your newspaper? Haha why is that? =P

Actually I wouldn’t take you off the floor or the mailbox i would just throw you away
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ahahaha. You're into business and finance then I see. Well that is good! =) ______ 1. So when you pick me up from your doorstep, and decide to read me, what would you say to me, telling me that I am your Sunday newspaper now? I would probably be very confused haha

I dont talk to inmate objects dear
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Lol!!! You're funny Thekra. Doesn't sound fun at all! Haha ______ 1. So when you find me rolled up on your doorstep, & pick me up, what would you say to me, explaining that I am your Sunday newspaper now? Hahaha ___________ 2. If my headlines looked interesting would you read me too? Haha

If you where something that had to do with money i would read you.
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haha. =) Well the original question was, if I RANDOMLY, showed up on your doorstep transformed as your Sunday newspaper. =) So my NEXT question is, If I was being mean & YOU, had the power to snap your fingers and Transform me into your newspaper, what would you do?? Still use me for windows? lol

Lol yes with windex how does that sound to you?!
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Haha, hi Thekra! Hope you are having a lovely day! COuple more questions for your fun! ____ 1. So if I'm someone you like, you keep me in a frame huh Thekra? Haha ____ 2. So if I was someone you don't like, or I was being very mean and rude, if you COULD transform me into a newspaper, what would do?

Lol I answered you
Where is the question
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Creative Writing! If I was randomly transformed into a copy of the Sunday newspaper and delivered to your doorstep, what would my interesting Sunday and week be like for me with you? And would you spend all your time and money trying to transform me back? Haha

If you were someone I like i would put this newspaper copy in a photo frame and keep you on my wall look at you everyday. If you were someone I hate I will wipe the windows with you. Thats what I normally use newspaper for! Maybe I transform you depending on who you are

How would you feel if someone told you I never loved you I loved your looks and body?

Thats expected of everyman. I wouldn't care because I never loved you for any reason. You can love my looks but you will never have me in anyway.

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