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Okay so y’all know how “some” of us were like “we’re all gonna fail this year” I feel sorry for the people who actually believed that and didn’t do their work at all now they gotta sit in a classroom 😬

I could say that, it’s just them fault that they believed that and didn’t do their work

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If something happens to you who's your "go-to" person to tell, someone you trust ?

My best friend ♥️

People need to learn to come up with some interested questions, instead of repeated ones over and over.

I know right

what's on your mind atm😏

Why is it with that emoji.. huh 😏
That’s the only thing that on my mind atm

Do you have any nickname for your friend?

Yes, I do actually
My best friend made a nickname called “Makook”
Since her first name starts with Ma and “kook” is end of the name of BTS idol Junkook (since it’s her bias)

What day do you go to the grocery store?🍱

I go to the grocery store.. pretty rarely
But if I do then at the weekends

Can I get some ideas on what to sell in my online shop?

You can sell the clothes that are small to you or the one that you not wearing anymore
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