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on a scale of 1-10, how insecure are you? ?? Also how far do you do to “attempt” to end your insecurities?? ?? ??

its not that im insecure about who i am bc ik exactly who i am & have a good sense of knowing where i stand as a person- its that everyone else in the world around me, r so different & i feel alienated/isolated from the rest. so 4 that reason only, on a scale id say 7-10 insecurity. i dnt attempt to end it tho. if u meant looks/personality, iv nvr took a good look at myself in the mirror before. in my head i look different, in person i look like this & im ok with that, i have peace in my mind & the world iv created in there keeps me sane

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My boyfriend kept talking about his ex around me saying she hurt him used him but yet telling me he loves me. And she ruined his life by exposing him online and i feel stupid because hes telling me about her hurting him and im hurt cause an ex is not supposed to be mentioned no matter what

something similar happened 2 me also. but its just how guys r i guess. as long as hes not flirting w her or anything i think u shld b alright. exposing how? if he got exposed, chances r that he did something bad.. unless shes a crazy chik & wanted to ruin him for fun. if that, then idk. jst let him rant about it until he finds peace in himself. u have to take a moment n realize, he came 2 u about his problem & nobody else. if hes expressing discomfort towards something, comfort him about it- show him u care. DONT make things worse n get hurt ab something that happened to HIM & not u. pick ur battles, youre his & hes yours- his problems r ur problems, ur problems are his. its very simple. how long have u been together? anywayz hope u both feel better & overcome this funk. update me plz xo

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