Ask @thenewodd:

How can I attract your attention?

it’s not that hard. you simply say something regarding taco bell. than bam. you got my attention. but if you’re referring to appearance. go off. ya know? wear what you think is your style, whether that be crazy hair, or cool socks, suspenders, suits. i’ll notice, and i’m sure someone else will. but in all honesty, what really catches my attention. is when someone has the same interest as me. yeah i know, it’s stupid but eh. SKATEBOARDING! oh yeah! when skateboarding gets brought up, my gaze locks with the culprit of the topic, and we instantly hit it off. although i know nothing of skateboarding other than a few tricks tony hawk taught me from video games, and watching people like brendon urie do it. i still wanna try it, and practice. sorry this was super long, but yeah. the more you know.

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What should I do after watching a scary video that keeps me from sleeping?

okay dude this is me every time i watch conspiracy theory videos. so basically, what i do is turn on some form of light, that way i can see if there’s anything coming to attack me cause i’m paranoid. but then if that’s not helping, turn some white noise on to distract your brain from unnecessary scary thoughts.

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