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are you upset about kevin 11,000 because devlin isn't gwen's son?

Kevin 11,000 is an abuser. He brutally attacks and emotionally manipulates a vulnerable child who is dependent on him.
Devlin's story is SO IMPORTANT because children with abusive parents/guardians NEED to see that it's okay to cut yourself off from them and form a new family with people who can truly love and take care of you. Just because someone donated their DNA to assist in your creation does not mean you owe them shit.
I don't want Kevin to grow up to be Kevin 11K. But if he does, I'd rather the show tip Kevin all the way over the edge and never look back. The idea that Kevin 11K is "sometimes a hero" doesn't sit well with me at all. The way he treats his own son can't be justified with "but sometimes he's an okay guy".
I'm still crossing my fingers that there's a twist up ahead, and Prime Kevin and Kevin 11K are two separate people. It's not like this show isn't already filled to the brim with alternate-universe shenanigans.

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What are your biggest hopes for the last arc of Omniverse?

What always made Ben 10 stand out to me more than any other long-running action show is we get to watch the characters REALLY grow up and change. I don't know how much of it was planned and how much of it was just inconsistent writing, but from the original series to UAF to OV there's a gradual progression. It's not always forward, but it's not like people don't relapse and fall back on old habits IRL. Whether it was intended or not, there's an organic feel to the narrative if you sit down and watch it all. Even subpar moments in the series still had something to offer the characters to help them move forward.
At the end of OV I want to see the characters gearing up to take the next step forward in life. Ben's mentioned going to college, so we see him send off applications or get an acceptance letter. (I want him to go to some alien university in space. AWESOME SPINOFF HOOK)
And a confrontation between Ben and Max. Ben acknowledging he's outgrown grandpa as a mentor. Perfect emotional closure. OS Max is this idealized "good guy" figure, because we're seeing him through 10-year-old Ben's eyes. Then Ben grows up and starts to put together his own definition of what it means to be a hero & "ideal" Max starts to break away. He makes questionable decisions for often very selfish reasons. Max means well, but he has a lot of the same flaws as Ben along with some all his own. Ben has a chance to recognize and grow past them before he becomes set in his ways like Max.
Gwen fast-tracking into grad school or getting an internship somewhere, and inheriting Ben's role as protector of Earth when he goes off to Space College. Maybe finding a magical mentor. Basically I want a Sequel Hook for Gwen to get her own spinoff kthxbye.
Rook getting promoted and leading a team of his own and a sector to watch over. Maybe taking over Max's position when Max retires.
I'd be lying if I said i wasn't holding out hope that Derrick was lying about Kevin 11k to preserve spoilers, but it's a very tiny hope and I'm probably wrong. But as long as we're wishing...
Kevin loses his powers permanently and finally gets to be normal (he made it clear in Trade-Off that's what he wants) and maybe use his old contacts and alien know-how to become big in LEGAL and LEGITIMATE trading and technology dealing, running the first company that really works as a liaison between Earth and Alien companies.
Ony 20 eps left though. I'd settle for Kevin starting his own company and just getting it off the ground.
...and picking out a ring and heavily implying he's thinking about proposing to Gwen because I'm a shipper at heart and I can't deny my true nature. (Though I'd rather not see him actually proposing because I'm pretty sure Gwen would say "no, I've still got shit to do before I settle down" at this point because she's Gwen Fucking Tennyson and SHE HAS SHIT TO DO)
Final scene of the series? Ben 10K, old and weathered, with gray hair, packing up to take his grandkids on a road trip.

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