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Ross got hacked on here. He created a brand new account so stop asking the account you thought he had and go follow him here: @rossslynchofficial
Also, both of us need to tell you something important. We still don't know when it'll be the right moment to do that. For now, just tell everyone you know that that's his real acc and go talk to him xx


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Hey you guys! It's been a while since I've talked to you here the last time, so what's up?
Oh also, I've got something to tell you all: my best friend is an artist, a singer and the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Her only social network is instagram and I'd love you even more if you followed her (@claaudiacarrai) and liked and commented her pics (maybe I'll follow you on here, maybe on twitter, I'll like your pictures or I'll talk to you). I know you don't know anything about her, but believe me, she's a wonderful soul.
I probably shouldn't say this but I can't keep secrets on ask, apparently, and I'm just too excited about this. Her and Ryland might have a something goin on..

Hi I'm sorry I don't know much English but you know I'm from Slovakia and I want to ask you You can come to Slovakia Please ?? Please please please please please please please please please please please. 😢😢😢😢😅

I hope I will!
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I'm just not ready to confront the guy in my class who is cheating on me tomorrow

He should be not ready to face you. He's gonna be the embarrassed one. Just tell him what you have to say.
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Hi Courtney! I love you so much! I love your work and I think that you are very beautiful! My question is: When you were young, what did you want to be? ❤️ THANK YOU! ❤️

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Aw you're so sweet! When I was younger the only thing I wanted from my future was moving to the us and keep travelling a lot. Honestly I'm pretty happy cause I got both, I should travel even more though

Courtney can we please talk??? And can we be girlfriends??? Does Rydel have an account on here???

Of course! And no, she hasn't

Courtney I'm so sorry please forgive me...

Don't worry, I get it. Fakes do this, it's just what they do.. Happy you now know which one is my account :)


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