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What software/process do you use too keep track of your personal and business expenses? Thanks

I use an accountant that uses Xero.

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Do you believe in workouts as the best way to keep fit and even healthy? Have you ever tried having a morning run or hitting the gym ?

I've been working out again for about three weeks now - it's been good for my mind to do something positive for my health.

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Hello Ryan, do you have a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? The Son of God. Do you ask the Lord Jesus to bless you with wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and discernment? And do you ask the Lord Jesus to strengthen you to overcome all of your trials and tribulations?

I don't really get into the whole religious thing, I'm a spiritual guy.

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Who is your best friend?

I have three friends that I would consider my best friends equally.

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The first time I ran into Ryan Eagle, he was breast feeding a baby kitten in the park. Good times.

I vividly remember that moment. Hopefully we reconnect again - until then, you are missed.

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what do you even do?

Private equity and offshoring.

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I've just turned 22 and have decided to dedicate the next 5 years towards building my business, above anything else. Hopefully I can get ahead and the payoff will be worth the time I'm about to invest. Any thoughts on my all or nothing approach?

I reached a point when I did the same and it paid off in dividends. The biggest key is persistence and never surrendering when facing failure.

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Would you ever go on Facebook Live?

I've never seen a reason and don't think that'll change.

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How many days a week do you always hit the gym?

None now, but I'm strongly thinking about rejoining. I have more free time on my hands and I need to use it properly.

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I once tried to see Ryan Eagle then realized, I can't.

Don't worry, I can't either.

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What's your main focus now, to grow your business as big as possible or steadily and comfortably?

To go my businesses while maintaining the freedom and lifestyle I want until I have enough saved so that I can travel most the time.

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I made a new rap son, it goes: "Ryan Eagle motherfucka Ryan Eagle motherfucka Ryan Eagle motherfucka" the end.

Sounds like something the troll say nightly to themselves in tears because they cannot stop me.

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Have you ever smashed something out of anger?

Yea - ranging from peoples heads to walls.

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If can't see you, and if you can barely see you, then how do you get your haircut?

That's a good question, considering the way my hair looks now the barber did not see me becuase my hair is really messed up.

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Other than the money, what's the biggest positive about running your own thing?

Freedom to do as I please when I please.

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If you only had $10,000 and no previous business contacts, do you think you could grow Sidago to what it is today from scratch?

Yes, without a doubt - but in a different capacity.

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You can't Eagle me, I can barely Eagle me.


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How often do you get to see your daughter

I have 50% custody however I see her once a week and every other weekend. It's not what I wanted at all, however the time we spend is very concentrated and I make the most if it. She's the light of my life.

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Do you think America has a bright future with Donald Trump in office?

I've been on the Trump Train for months and I'm a raging conservative. I think leftist liberalism is the downfall of society today. We have a great future and we will make America great again.

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Ever since you were born, have you had some medical complication? Has the complication in any way jeopardised your day to day work and hustle?

I've been in recovery for awhile, but when I was younger I was quite the drug & alcohol abuser. That got me in heaps of trouble physically, mentally, and legally.

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"We then take that and develop annotated wireframes, get approval, expand notes, and begin developing leveraging agile methodology." - Thanks for reply. Which software do you use to create your wireframes and can you explain briefly more about agile. Heard a lot about it & want to learn more. Thanks

Agile is a mouthful to explain here, however it's basically team task based programming with versioning and such. Wire frames are generated internally based on client communication of what they want.

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Have you started advertising Sidago yet? If not how do you intend to and how will that differ from how you promoted EWA and Blam Ads? Thanks

I don't advertise Sidago because I'm not really sure I want too many outside clients yet - it's almost all referral, my internal network, or servicing my investments. More would require an external sales team and an internal account management team - I'm not sure I want to deal with that.

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What does your average work week look like now, compared say to when you ran EWA?


It's way less nowadays. I have not worked more than 40 hours a week for 2.5 years now (with exceptions, of course). I've paid my dues and there is no glory in working crazy hours. Better to accomplish more with less time.

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How high is your utility bills in that big ass house?

Quite a lot, electricity alone has averaged at $575 a month. I think overall maybe $800 - $1000.

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