Ask @theryaneagle:

How many people have disappointed, betrayed you and treated you bad? How did you deal with them and what lessons have you learned from their behavior?

I don't really get disappointed by people. My philosophy is that humans do human things, so expecting anything else would be stupid on my part. I don't expect anything, so when people do good I am pleasantly surprised.

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You always seem to be able to identify where the money's at and scale things up quickly. Do you aim for scale as fast as possible, or do you try to build steadily long term?

Over the past few years I have slowed down my targets because, in the past, I ran into some extreme growing pains. Businesses that I expect to cost $100,000 to start up end up being $300,000. In the past I would invest / start multiple at once and the financial pains of that surge growth was too much.

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