Ask @theryaneagle:

How much input do you personally have on a Sidago project? For a website for example, do you ever have any unput on how it work, or do you just delegate to your managers?

I'm not a micromanager by any means and I've established great communication with my management but I do involve myself, at least to some degree, in the planning & overview process. I know at the end of the day I care most about the company so I like to know what's going on - plus, I want to make 100% sure that clients are more than happy.
I'm mostly involved in R&D, operational, investment (, or experimental projects on a day to day basis though.

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Give a clear difference between an entrepreneur and an affiliate marketer.

An entrepreneur creates things of long term, usually reoccurring, value. Affiliate marketing generally is a string of short term campaigns that have no end and rely, for the most part, entirely on the affiliate itself. I've seen affiliate businesses, I've made an affiliate business, but most affiliate marketers are glorified contractors making businessmen wealthy. There isn't anything wrong with it, it's just a mentality you could say.

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