what's up?

Okaay just to clear that up, i'm normally not the type of person who puts personal stuff on social media, bc it's no ones business but mine, but rn i feel like i need to speak up. I'm not doing that for anyone, but myself.
I never lied to anybody , neither did i played with anyones feelings. Ever since i was a teen and started to date, i was always honest to every girl, i've been with.
I am sorry if i've ever hurt anyones feelings, but i'd never hurt anyone on purpose. I'm def not the type of guy who would do shit like that. I might not always say the right things, sometimes say some things i don't really meant to say, but never would i ever cross a line.
Also I'm honestly really disappointed in some ppl that they have to put such a personal situation on social media. Which shouldn't have been posted anywhere!. & have their friends attack me. Like chill that's f#cked up.
Never would i have ever put that out there, but i also won't let ppl spread some untrue things about me & bully me.
I normally wouldn't care about some ppl attacking me on social media, but i had enough of it.
Never have i ever hated on someone or bullied someone especially non of "those ppl". If you don't like me then it's fine, but dontcha talk bout me like yanno anything about me, cus u all don't.
I'm tellin' yall social media can be such a nice place, you are able to meet new ppl, some are a lesson, some are a blessing but it also can be a very dark place, full of ppl who hide behind their computers, phones & don't have the guts to talk face to face.
Always be kind ppl.