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Kian Lawley
went on a hike the other day, almost passed out haha. feels good getting some fresh air tho ✨ i’m gonna get back into shape. - whatever it is that u want to do, do it. don’t make excuses. the odds are never going to be in ur favor. overcome the self doubt & push yourself. it’s super important to realize, nothing good comes easy. work towards what u want & don’t stop until u get it.

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What do you think about gays?

stop labeling. gay, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, straight or whatever else you wanna call it. they're people. and if straight people deserve love then so do they. we're all humans regardless of what our sexuality or race is. we all came from the same place and we deserve the same love. Put yourself in their shoes, you would wanna be treated the same. so stop hating, start loving. everybody needs love.

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